Kun Peng Theory apple for the first time in 15 years there are more serious problems behind the dec

January 10, 2007, apple officially released the first apple smartphone iPhone conference in MacWorld. Of course, we have now accepted the touch screen, mobile phone bar, but at the time, iPhone and iPhone mainstream mobile phone misfits, no keyboard, can not replace the battery, but also expensive scary, it was considered very unbelievable, many mobile phone manufacturers stand out laughing at Apple, Jobs laughed at. The most famous is to say that when he was Microsoft CEO Steve ·, in his 2007 interview with the United States today, said iPhone did not have the opportunity to get a large market share, there is no chance. It was a $500 subsidy, and they made a lot of money. But if you really look at the 1 billion 300 million mobile phones sold, I believe that our software accounted for a market share of 60% or 70%, or I think apple can only get a market share of 2% to 3%.". At that time, NOKIA, blackberry, etc. are also come out to join the ranks of ridicule iPhone. read more


Programmer’s favorite the world’s largest gay dating platform GitHub completed 250 million B round

software development and code sharing platform GitHub announced, Sequoia Capital led the $250 million B round of financing, IVP, Thrive Capital and Anderson · Horowitz voted in, among them, Anderson · Horowitz had alone invested $100 million in GitHub). Industry insiders said that after this round of financing GitHub valuation of about $2 billion. At present, the total amount of GitHub financing reached $350 million.

GitHub was founded in 2008, is known as an Facebook for developers in China, dubbed "the world’s largest gay dating platform, currently has more than 10 million registered users, more than 25 million projects in the GitHub hosting. Individual developers can save, write, share, and collaborate to write code, while companies and government departments use GitHub to manage and run software projects throughout the organization. Not long ago, Google gave up their own products like Google Code, allowing developers to save to GitHub. At present, GitHub is only for private development projects and large organizations, free of charge for other services. read more


Buy site survival rate of only 18 6% remaining less than 1000

newspaper news (reporter Xue Song) in the overall size of the industry to keep rising at the same time, there are a large number of small and medium sized group purchase website in the Spring Festival this year have shut down or restructuring, yesterday, according to the group 800 tracking statistics, at present the country to maintain the normal operation of the remaining group purchase site number 943, and this trend will continue to decay. Industry experts pointed out that the Spring Festival tickets sold and mobile phone group purchase group purchase boom rise for weekend and holiday trading blank "the first 2 months of this year to save the field", makes the group purchase website in a slight price increase is expected to achieve the scale of profit, the annual turnover exceeded 30 billion yuan a conservative estimate. read more


Network video piracy resurgence of thousands of small sites pirates broadcast popular drama

May 17th, according to Sohu IT was informed that after the end of last year, the SARFT for undocumented video website crackdown recently, specializing in broadcast "pirated" video website has little recovery, the popular TV drama "new three" and "mobile phone" although carried out large-scale human rights activities, but still could not escape by thousands of small website piracy the fate of.

According to

users reflect, through the Baidu search and the "new three QVOD" will be able to see thousands of links, these links point into the most can clearly see the smooth "new three" video at the same time, update speed is far ahead of other authorized website. read more


Zhejiang’s most popular portal selection activities successfully concluded

April 22nd, with the official website of the official activities of the project closed, Zhejiang’s most popular portal large online charity selection activities successfully concluded. In the course of a week of voting in the network, the majority of the active participation of the owners, but also attracted users across the country to actively participate in voting. Their participation in Zhejiang’s most popular web site selection activities of the public participation in the evaluation section drew a satisfactory full stop, but also with the most practical action to prove their website popularity varies. read more


Kang Sheng low key push into the Taiwan version of Taiwan 5d6d free forum

as one of the most powerful force in the domestic PHP forum, Kang Sheng group established on the basis of the DISCUZ forum, the larger the Kingdom, more and more involved in the field. Of course, all of this is based on the core of the initial development of the – DISCUZ forum program, so the promotion of DZ moment can not stop, which is the source of its business is constantly active and development. In China, DZ launched a free forum system "5d6d" (my home) homonym for the promotion of DZ forum program, let more and more people through this free forum system contact and love DZ program. And now, Kang Sheng group continue to seek development, this year will be extended to the Taiwan area of business, to seek a share of the market in the region of Taiwan. And the way it is used in the mainland and used the same, also launched the Taiwan version of the "5d6d" free forum system, but also its domain name and "5d6d" are all different approaches but equally satisfactory results – "5dforum", homonym for "My Forum (Forum Forum English)". read more


Bitcoin plunged 25% minutes within 20 minutes breaking 200 mark

lead: yesterday, bitcoin reproduction process thriller straight down 20 minutes, fell 25%, and had been maintained below the $200 mark, which also makes bitcoin prices reach 15 months since the lowest price.

once all-powerful bitcoin now stumble endlessly. Yesterday, bitcoin reproduction process thriller straight down 20 minutes, fell 25%, and had been maintained below the $200 mark, which also makes bitcoin prices reach 15 months since the lowest price.

bitcoin had been very stable trend, and hovering around $270 in the position, but from January 13th began to fall. Around half past three yesterday, bitcoin prices suddenly fell from $204.76 in the position of the sharp fall to $152.4, down more than 25%. But then, bitcoin gradually rising, as of press time reporter, bitcoin highest return to $211.88, eventually hovering around $205. At the same time, the Chinese bitcoin market has also undergone severe fluctuations, bitcoin prices fell below the thousand yuan. read more


115CEO Lai Linfeng cloud storage bet

more and more industry giants to sniff out cloud storage attractive opportunity. IBM, HP, Amazon, HUAWEI, Sina, a big brother joined come in a throng staking contest. However, a still more than 100 people in the grassroots enterprises also force pick brothers, and do not take care to the individual user quantity scale of 25 million, ranking first in China soared.

This company

CEO is chairman and Lai Lin Feng to become "the world’s first cloud storage", his emboldened get million yuan A round of investment in just now; however, he is only a high school dropout of grassroots entrepreneurs. From the outside, he is more like an offbeat fashion youth: small arm tattoo tattoo dazzling, the left ear often wears a black onyx mosaic BVLGARIBVLGARI white gold earrings, love the staff called him "brother feng". read more


China YAHOO portal closed to ignore the user experience lost jobs

had Internet ace YAHOO in China’s territory has shrunk. Following the YAHOO YAHOO album, mail and other services has failed, this time even There is not much left.

from midnight yesterday, Yahoo China portal completely "face", no longer provide community, information service, public channel automatic website into ali. But it only in the day before the announcement on the website of "arrogant" approach, but also attracted many users tucao.


Chinese face positive energy every day, read more


One week news review Microsoft Google PPC Kubba with Gome shelling

1, the United States online: compromise or stems from frustration, but there are risks!

saw the United States published online news, the first reaction is: another 1 stores in the United States? Issued to the media news release also seems to confirm this line: "in December 3rd, Gome Group officially announced the integration of its Gome online mall and Kuba two business platform, background unified management and resources sharing. After integration, Gome online mall will be officially renamed ‘Gome online’. read more


360 report to the police to use their positions will be profitable next week

Legal Evening News (reporter Fan Botao) this morning, the reporter learned from the Dongcheng District court, the Qihoo of Beijing science and technology limited company staff Liu Wei took advantage of his position to a suspected criminal case, will be held next week in court.

reporter learned from the 360 companies, in 2014 the company received real-name reporting/real-name whistleblowing, reflecting the former employee Liu Wei took advantage of his position, for illegal operations with the company for profit resource. Supervision of the company after the investigation, to find and confirm the doings Liu Wei serious violation of the company’s "business behavior and moral code", "Employee Handbook" and other regulations, a serious departure from the company’s values and requirements for the product, its behavior and properties are very bad. Then, 360 companies take the initiative to contact the police, and actively cooperate with the investigation report; at the same time, make internal processing: 360 companies to terminate the labor contract, and Liu Wei never hired; and in the company of Liu Wei’s illegal behavior to be notified. read more


CEO please pay employees containment heat off the network domain name is down to earth is dead

renamed Chinese August 22nd hearing, the electricity supplier industry development as it is understood that the electricity supplier website mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, hot off the network into funding strand breaks crisis of large comprehensive online shopping platform, there is no accident on the electricity supplier list. The reason for this is not the official website of luckcart.com domain name down to earth is perhaps one of the reasons for its failure.

it is understood that the heat off the net song city in Shanghai after the withdrawal of 60 million yuan investment, the boss himself and voted for the 7 million, but still failed to stop the process of hot money strand breaks. Li Jiangen, President of the heat was blocked by employees in the office. The official micro-blog released a number of employee trouble, in the micro-blog search can also be found on hot off the news eyeful taoxin". Visible, the collapse of the hot passenger network has become an established fact. read more


2016 electricity supplier major mergers and acquisitions list future mergers and acquisitions will b

famous writer Wu Xiaobo often said that "the world is so noisy, how are the truth." After a year of hustle and bustle, the electricity sector mergers and acquisitions continue, what are the characteristics of these acquisitions, what is the reason behind the


back in 2016 the electricity supplier in the field of major merger cases since 15, involving more than 100 billion yuan of funds, "" united business network special finishing 2016 in the electricity industry in major event list, analysis the reasons behind, for reference. read more


Sources said the Jingdong will buy beautiful Jingdong said nothing

[TechWeb] reported February 4th afternoon news today from the media " eight " broke the news, Jingdong is beautiful and United Group (merged mogujie.com beauty) to negotiate acquisitions, the merger has been basically finalized. TechWeb the first time contact Jingdong aspects of public relations, the other party made it clear that " no thing ". TechWeb at the same time to verify the beauty of the United Group, as of press time, the other no response.

news that Jingdong will buy beautiful said Jingdong responded: no matter what read more


Jingdong accused of disguised layoffs to respond to individual employees are unwilling to accept arr

May 11th, Jinzhong Songhong Road intersection, Jingdong home couriers to talk about "way out in the vicinity of the company".

      surging news reporter Xiao Qianying figure

, the company gave the two road, take the initiative to leave or go to the mall to do full-time Jingdong express. We can not accept, I hope to get a monthly salary compensation after leaving." "Jingdong home full-time courier Xing a (a pseudonym) recently told the surging news (www.thepaper.cn), he and many of his colleagues, two road companies to the disguised layoffs, hoping to leave but a month salary compensation to the company. read more


How to do after the seller received bad Taobao malicious evaluation

Taobao sellers received bad comments after how to do? This world has never been fair, and not because of your kindness and get the appropriate return. In Taobao there are many online buyers love carp, he will be a variety of reasons to find the shopkeeper trouble, but the most sinister than the bad ones.

received the buyer’s evaluation, because only the mutual assessment to see if the buyer evaluation, that the shopkeeper is certainly to his praise, like a fool to praise the buyers. The shopkeeper evaluation found buyers for a variety of reasons to own is bad, such as why express delivery speed so slow ah, why not in the ideal way? What is more that evaluation is also good, but it is bad to. At this time the shopkeeper must feel too injustice: because the shopkeeper does not express the company’s boss, who can manage express speed? What is the ideal way to spend a value of one thousand yuan to buy? What is the ideal way? And when buyers received a bad rating to each other is indeed the shopkeeper reputably, really my heart is humbled, infuriated, angry read more


Micro business agents how to do online menacing shoes

A: do not understand how the Internet thinking line

is the premise of the development of online business marketing model must continue to improve the good store, because a part of network marketing is marketing, traditional agents must have certain advantages in resources to do marketing planning, but not to marketing and marketing, must not blindly follow the trend. Traditional agents should have Internet thinking, to have an open mind, with an open mind to do business, a "watch" is not enough. read more


Nine Secretary of innovative C2C2B nternet plus business assistant mode to ferret out high end beau

in the public business, the era of innovation, a number of "Internet plus" of new products and new models such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain, is booming. Beijing nine Secret Science and Technology Co., Ltd. seized the opportunity to launch the country’s first high-end business assistant private custom platform, the nine secretaries.

nine guests to start the nine Secret Science and Technology Conference

Internet plus business platform

May 28th nine secretary in Henan officially released in Zhengzhou, nine secret technology founder, chairman Zhang Chuanpu explained the "cloud assistant" whenever and wherever possible to make business social ease: Nine Secretary by "C2C2B+NRT" mode, "O2O" to provide a full range of services, all business assistant, all direct distribution. read more


Suning stores electricity supplier double open low cost provocation Tmall Jingdong

12 evening, Su Ningyun (9.35, 0.07, 0.75%) held a press conference in Beijing, the water cube, officially announced the open platform strategy, announced online and offline line the whole category of investment, from the platform fee and the technical service fee is free of charge only 1-5 million security and 0.1% of sales and service fund, mainly through the sale of the future the deduction of value-added services and profitability.

in the conference site, Suning play the right to say no, "Rent-seeking" to three products can not say "," say no to fake smuggled goods "," to say no, "platform" to say no unilateral monopoly "," to the authoritarian rule says no "slogan, many site participants guess at Taobao, Tmall, these slogans. read more