André Gomes returns to play after his serious ankle injury

first_imgPortuguese midfielder André Gomes returned to play this Sunday almost four months after his serious ankle injury.Gomes, who was a player for Valencia and Barcelona, ​​was seriously injured last November 3 in a clash with South Korean Heung-min Son, who broke his ankle.The Portuguese played his first minutes this Sunday in the match against Arsenal played at the Emirates Stadium.Carlo Ancelotti put him on the field with more than half an hour ahead on the scoreboard.last_img


David Luiz is Pablo Marí’s ‘Cicerone’ in London

first_imgDavid Luiz and Pablo Marí formed a pair in the middle of the Arsenal defense this Monday in a 0-2 victory against Portsmouth in the fifth round of the FA Cup. The Spanish debuted as a gunner with the Brazilian demonstrating that he is ready. in 90 minutes: five clearances, three aerial duels won and no dribbling. In addition, he was successful with the pass and transmitted security.Marí got along well with David Luiz in the field and also outside, where Diadema’s defender has become his ‘cicerone’ in these early days at Emirates Stadium and also, by order of the former coach of both, Jorge Jesus, according to the Portuguese newspaper Record. Mr. Flamengo, who trained David Luiz at Benfica, continues to maintain an excellent relationship with him and asked him to take care of his black-and-white pupil when he arrived in London. “I talk to him every week, he is my friend and he told me to receive him in the best possible way,” said David Luiz when Mari’s signing from Mengao was confirmed.The defender also did not hesitate to praise the Spaniard after his debut on Monday. “I am very happy for Pablo. He is a great guy and a great player. He has had an excellent game. We are here to help each other. We are 25 players, ready to play for Arsenal and do our best work, “he said. The central Almussafes has fallen well and David Luiz is trying to make everything easier so you only have to worry about what happens in the green, which in his debut already saw that he is able to solve at the highest level.last_img read more


Catena: “Aspas is the player I had the hardest time defending”

first_imgHe also reviewed some of his most special moments with the Strip. “I’m from Madrid and I always liked Rayo. It’s a nice feeling to wear this shirt. My most special moment with her was the debut in Primera (Rayo-Valladolid, 1-2). We were descended, but still it was special to see my family in the field and with our fans. She is different, committed and supports us regardless of the result, “explained the defender, one of the most beloved players in the stands, who a colleague has specially marked: “Alberto, the captain”. Catena also spoke of her day to day in the running of the bulls. “In the morning I do bikes, exercises with weight and rubber. In the afternoon I dedicate myself to series and board games“said the Mostoleño, who dared with some recommendations for quarantine:” A book? ‘The tunnel’ by Ernesto Sabato. A series? ‘Game of Thrones’. I have seen it several times, I am very geek of the series. A movie? ‘The wolf of Wall Street’ Table games? In Reus he played a lot with Pol Freixanet and his girlfriend. ‘Adventurers on the train’ ‘Carcassonne“ To train, the center-back uses flamenco or reggaeton (“the old one, ‘Gasoline’ style). Catena takes care of herself, although she is aware that returning to normal will take a while yet. “I wish football could resume as soon as possible, it keeps us alive, but returning to activity should be something global for the whole of society and when there are no risks. Now our responsibility is to stay at home. “Before resuming the competition he advocates a preseason” of one or two weeks “, not only to set up the physique, but” also to prepare the head “.center_img Catena is clear. “Iago Aspas is the player I have had the hardest time defending, he is a different footballer”, confessed the Rayo central defender, who faced each other with Celta’s attacker in the last game of the franjirrojos in Primera. That May 18, 2019, Rayo went ahead (2-0) until Aspas burst in to equalize the contest with a double in the last ten minutes. That was the defender’s confession to one of the questions that the fans asked him through GOAL.last_img read more


The dismissed Francisco Egas defends his presidency

first_imgFrancisco Egas, dismissed as president of the Ecuadorian Football Federation (FEF), assured this Sunday that he will defend his position before the corresponding organizations and did not rule out taking his case to court.Egas, dismissed by most of the FAITH DirectoryF, who commissioned the presidency to Jaime Estrada, said that tomorrow he will send his complaint to international organizations such as the FIFA.Through a virtual press conference, Egas assured that he will defend his election as president of the FEF before the corresponding organizations and did not rule out “initiating legal actions, because it is an act for punishable actions” against the six members of the Board who dismissed him.“Tomorrow we will send all the documentation and legal arguments to the corresponding entities, we will not be asking favors of theto the Sports Secretariat, the South American Football Confederation (CSF) and the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA), We will ask them to enforce the rules, “he said.The manager accepted that there was an excess in the amount of the contract that prepared for the hiring of the technical body that commands the Spanish-Dutch Jordi Cruyff and also of the general secretary of the FEF, the Argentine Gustavo Silikovich. According to the FEF, this was one of the reasons for his separation from office, considering that Egas “did not respect a Board resolution that gave him the guarantee to hire the sports director, the Spanishl Antonio Cordón, and the coaching staff, up to four million and he extended the figure to six million. “He also recognized that there was no reduction of Cruyff’s salary, but a restructuring, another reason why he was sanctioned by the Board of Directors.“Indeed, there was a restructuring as a measure to find a solution to the critical moment in the months of March, April, May, June and July, as the other 70 percent were still negotiating it; but we had achieved a very good negotiation, which reduced the expenses of $ 1,300,000, “said Egas.Surely, he said, “communication was lacking on my part, it could be my mistake, because I dedicated myself to work to find solutions in an institution that we took practically broken, that was spending in an exaggerated way “.He also regretted that within the Statute that governs Ecuadorian football, “Amateur clubs and Associations have the same rights as professional clubs”, regarding the rules for the removal of a leader.However, he recalled that “by order of FIFA its reform is being processed, hopefully it will be ready until before the next elections.”Therefore, “I will continue to be president until one of the competent bodies tells me that I am no longer president. PTo remove a president today with the statutes that FIFA has reformed, it takes between 80 and 90 percent of the votes in a football congress“encouraged the dismissed Egaslast_img read more


Arnett rally to win at Frome

first_imgWestern Bureau:Arnett Gardens FC swept into third place in the Red Stripe Premier League, on the back of a Marcelino Blackburn double at the Frome Sports Complex yesterday.The defending champions came from behind to clip Reno 2-1 after Tyshan Hill had fired Reno into the lead in the 21st minute. Blackburn levelled the score with a header in the 47th minute then struck again in added time with a dipping left-footed free kick.The victory takes them to third in the table, joining Humble Lion on 26 points, and left the home team in mid-table with 22 points.”I am very pleased with the win, because we have been having trouble scoring lately. These are two wonderful goals from Blackburn, and the team definitely deserves the win,” stated Arnett Gardens coach Jerome Waite.The result has left Reno coach Michael Graham struggling for words, as he was clearly upset.”This was a game we should have won, but for the lack of concentration in the second half,” Graham said.”After scoring first, we were looking to get all three points but we faltered and they scored an unfortunate goal,” he said.last_img read more


Unethical run-out

first_imgFoster’s Fairplay finds some of the responses coming after the match-deciding run-out incident in the International Cricket Council (ICC) Under-19 World Cup to be quite sickening.This columnist was grown up with values that show a clear distinction between what can be accepted or not in the social space. With necessary adjustments to address the passage of time, they should be cast in stone as standards of behaviour to be patented and patterned by all, unless the plan is to succumb to the societal savagery that has crept, unmolested, into what is taken as the norms of today.How many of the present champions of uncultured, unpolished, and uncouth acts understand what it means to say ‘it is not cricket’?It was a game that would decide which of two teams would advance to the quarter-final. The contestants were Zimbabwe and the West Indies. West Indies fast bowler Keemo Paul, bowling the last ball, with three runs for the Zimbabweans to win, removed the bails with the non-striker’s bat on the line.The appeal went up the umpires conferred and asked if the fielding captain wished to sustain the appeal. He was told yes, the innings ending with West Indies victors by two runs.The question must be asked: If it were a matter solely of the Laws of the Game, why was there a consultation before the upraised finger?accurate statisticsThe aftermath sees an avalanche of commentary. Without the benefit of accurate statistics, the feeling is that there are more supporters than those who are talking against what this columnist sees as seizing a win with no regard for what is ethical or not.Reluctantly, this columnist is forced to question personal belief as to which of the many sports persons heard on the matter can sustain their moral credibility.For a few, even their knowledge and understanding of cricket are cast under a shadow.The country is going through a period of falling standards in almost every phase of its existence. Opinions in the sporting context have not escaped the slide.To emphasise, there was the pain in hearing a popular and highly regarded sports journalist invited by a female host on a programme on the station where he plies his trade. The host had confessed a lack of appreciation of the finer points of cricket and was seeking guidance, while expressing her own rejection of the run-out act in terms quite base.She must have been shocked to hear someone she saw as a mentor say, “moral codes do not apply here”, words to the effect that suggested that one should ‘do anything to get ahead’, as well as his unashamed redefining of the basic and universally accepted tenets of sportsmanship.He even went on to recount the incident in a 50-over game where an Australian bowler went “underarm” – call it “underhand” if you will – to deny a New Zealand batsman a six hit, which would have given his team victory.There was worldwide disdain for that act. Plus, from this corner, came utter astonishment and further loss of respect when the argument proceeded to naming the errant bowler ‘one of the greatest of all time’.important winIf all this rejection of ‘the decent thing’ is to be accepted to go for that all-important win, let us be clear that there are other ideals that also have to be jettisoned.Saying that, let us appeal for ‘handled ball’ when a batsman plays a ball at his feet and in good faith picks it up and tosses it back to the bowler. Let the batsmen go for an extra run when a throw-in hits one of them and ricochets out of the reach of the immediate fieldsman.It is hard to believe that this is the same sport where, in a bygone era, a fieldsman on the boundary, far away from the seeing eye, was asked to verify if a catch was taken cleanly or the ball had crossed the line and his call accepted.If the annoying and irrelevant reminders of ‘it is in the rules’ are countenanced, given the circumstances, then there can only be one sad conclusion: The game is indeed ‘gone to the dogs’.For feedback: Email lauriefoster2012@gmail.comlast_img read more


#JaVotes2016: JLP father, PNP mother, baby in caught in the middle

first_img But Chevelle Gordon, the baby’s mother is a PNP supporter and thinks the child will follow her ways. As labourites and comrades mingle outside a polling station in Greenwich Farm, the contrast of young Bernard, dressed in green, resting across his mother’s orange clad chest could not be missed. Chevelle, however, said that the colour of her child’s shirt is merely coincidental. “Its not the father, is me put in him green. It nuh have nuttin fi do with it,’ she said. The PNP wears orange and the JLP wears green. The senior Bernard says green represents prosperity, and that with him being the head of the household his son will follow his lead. The PNP’s Simpson Miller is being challenged by the JLP’s Victor Hyde for the seat she has won since 1976. Bernard told The Gleaner that he expects Simpson Miller to win the constituency but is hopeful the JLP will win the general elections, which would give both him and his partner something to smile about later. Shellando Bernard believes his young son, six months old, Lionel, represents a green sprout in the People’s National Party dominated South West St Andrew. The elder Bernard, is one of the few hundred JLP voters in the constituency controlled by Portia Simpson Miller, the PNP president and Prime Minister of Jamaica.last_img read more


Leadership style set up Daley for St James FA presidency

first_imgWESTERN BUREAU:GREGORY DALEY says his all-inclusive approach contributed to the overwhelming manner in which he was returned as president of the St James Football Association.Daley was returned at Monday night’s election of officers, sending challenger Orville Powell to a crushing 82-16 loss.”The outcome here tonight speaks for itself. I believe that most of the things my challenger sought to address are all valid. However, it has to be about the approach. I choose to incorporate the clubs in my decision-making, and that is why the affiliates have given me another term to lead,” said Daley.”We try to make them part of the process of change. We understand the culture they work under and help each club, administratively, to become a lot more professional in their set-up and their development, and I believe that they appreciate how we deal with things,” he added.Daley noted infrastructural development and upkeep, coaching, refereeing, discipline of players on and off the field as important areas that will be getting major attention.”We must come to understand what is the best way to reach these clubs, all of which, attract players, mainly from inner-city communities. So for us to get the best out of them it cannot be an ‘I said so, so it must be done’ approach,” Daley said in a clear reference to Powell’s perceived style of leadership.It is the second time in nearly four months that the Montego Bay United owner was losing a football-related election.FAILED BIDPowell failed in his bid to garner enough affiliate support in his move to challenge Jamaica Football Federation President Captain Horace Burrell, in November 2015.The tempestuous St James FA election of officers brought out a well-known secret that Powell was a man not afraid of speaking his mind, and he wasted little opportunity in letting the nearly 100 affiliate members hear his voice, calling into question the constitutionality of how things panned out.Bruce Gaynor, the outgoing general secretary came in for special attention from a heated Powell, who slammed his approach to how the night’s activity was to go down, but by time the votes were cast, a dejected Powell quietly left the Montego Bay Cricket Club, which hosted the night’s affair.Powell’s impressive slate of candidates included former national goalkeeper Donovan Ricketts, Sandra Christie, Germaine Spencer, Edmund Sherriff and Kenneth Watson.last_img read more


Beijing Debate: Men’s 400m Hurdles

first_imgKC: Can the 32-year-old ‘Batman’ Bershawn Jackson fly in the men’s 400m hurdles? Andre: He really needs to get rid of that stupid nickname, but besides that, he’s been the form athlete in what is usually a strong 400m hurdles field. Edwin Moses did win as a 32-year-old in 1987, and I think Bershawn Jackson can match that in Beijing. KC: He has been having a great season and with only one defeat, and with a season best of 48.09 seconds, he looks well set to go sub-48 seconds here as well. Andre: A gold medal for him would be a great story, too, after he came close to quitting the sport last season after he wasn’t able to get into any races due to a string of poor seasons, but still, he isn’t the only one doing well in this event. Johnny Dutch has also been impressive, and at 48.13, can also go sub-48 seconds here and pose a real threat. Also, he’s the last man to have beaten Jackson this year. KC: True, but among all the others who are doing well, the only one I think has an outside chance against Jackson is Michael Tinsley. After some personal problems, he seems to be getting things right, and I will not be surprised if he upstaged Jackson. Andre: I’m not sure Tinsley will finish in the top four! Problems or not, he simply isn’t running fast enough right now and will need to find a huge season best to be a factor for gold. His last and only really good race this year came in early June. That’s a long time ago. KC: Tinsley has done well over the years when it matters most. After being edged out by Jehue Gordon for the gold medal at the last Worlds, he will be even hungrier this time. He has the beating of this field and all respect to people like Javier Culson and Johnny Dutch, but I don’t see any of them ahead of Tinsley for second place. Andre: I’m going with form. I respect Tinsley’s experience, but Dutch is a top-three machine. I think we both agree Bershawn Jackson will win, but I’m picking Dutch to take second and The Bahamas’ Jeffery Gibson taking bronze. KC: Yes, Jackson will go 47 seconds and win his second title in 10 years, but he must be wary of Tinsley, who I pick for second place, with Javier Culson closing out the Trifecta.last_img read more


Campbell inserts lethal sting for Jamaica Scorpions

first_imgPORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad (CMC):John Campbell stroked an unbeaten half-century to complete an extraordinary day and a Man-of-the-Match performance as Jamaica Scorpions easily beat Trinidad and Tobago Red Force by six wickets here yesterday to go second in the WICB Regional First Class Championship standings.Set 156 for victory on the final day of the third-round match at Queen’s Park Oval, Scorpions were safely guided to their target by opener Campbell, who hit 83 in a mature innings.The 22-year-old had earlier added three more wickets to his overnight four as Red Force, beginning the day on 87 for four, were dismissed for 175.Campbell, a part-time off-spinner, finished with career-best figures of seven for 73 to ensure the hosts lost their remaining six wickets for just 88 runs.Wicketkeeper Steven Katwaroo struck 29, tail-ender Daniel St Clair got 26, while captain Yannick Ottley chipped in with 24.Left-arm spinner Nikita Miller picked up three for 64.Campbell then ensured there would be no hiccups by anchoring a series of small partnerships throughout the Scorpions’ run chase.The left-hander, who faced 150 balls in 2 3/4 hours at the crease and gathered seven fours, put on 41 for the first wicket with captain Paul Palmer, who scored 17, and then added a further 45 for the second wicket with Barbadian Kirk Edwards, who hit 20 off 43 balls.Campbell posted 39 for the third wicket with first-innings century-maker Andre McCarthy, who made 17, a partnership which pushed Scorpions pastthe 100-run mark and closer to victory.Left-arm spinner Kavesh Kantasingh finished with three for 51.With the victory, Scorpions moved into second spot with34 points, 19 behind leaders Guyana Jaguars (53).Red Force, meanwhile, are joint third with Barbados Pride on 28 points.AT GUYANA NATIONAL STADIUM: Left-arm spinner Gudakesh Motie picked up his third five-wicket haul in four innings to hurt Barbados Pride and send them crashing to a nine-wicket defeat on the final day yesterday.Scores: JAGUARS 337 (Vishaul Singh 121, Leon Johnson 74, Assad Fudadin 42, Raymon Reifer 32, Shimron Hetmyer 24) and 43 for one (Leon Johnson 20 not out). PRIDE 104 (Gudakesh Motie 3-19, Veerasammy Permaul 3-41, Steven Jacobs 2-18) and 272 (Jonathan Carter 89, Shamarh Brooks 53, Roston Chase 50, Kyle Corbin 24; Gudakesh Motie 6-79, Steven Jacobs 2-105).last_img read more