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first_img“They did not have some senior players like (goalkeeper) “They did not have some senior players like (goalkeeper) Srejesh in Azlan too and some seniors were not here (in Champions Trophy) Sardar (Singh) and Rupinder Pal Singh. I think the coach is going in the right direction and experimenting to see where we are lacking. Sardars return will now strengthen the team,” said Dhanraj. Dhanraj was very impressed with the fitness level of the team and its ability to not only keep pace with the speedy set of Australians but even outshine them.”110 per cent I can say our fitness level has improved. Frankly, Indians could never keep pace with Australia. But in this tournament, I could see Australia were nowhere compared with India in terms of fitness or ball possession.”We had 79 per cent possession in the last quarter. We also dominated all the quarters and overall I also could not give the sort of performance these boys have given in recent times.”Dhanraj advised the players to be very careful in their intake of medicines as the wrong ones could land them in trouble in Rio.”Only one month is left and my request to the players is – dont fool around with your body, dont take any unnecessary risk because if you take 2-3 days rest it will take four days for you to recover, concentrate on fitness, eat the right food at the right time and dont take any medicine which is going to harm you in the Olympics.” He said anyone from the team could be asked to give urine samples for dope testing.advertisement”Nobody knows who will be called for dope test in the Olympics. I have given samples in all the Olympics, World Cups, Asian Games. They had called me for dope test. So my advise to the players is – be careful.”He also felt the Indian team should take it one game at a time and target the weaker teams in the group.”Its (introduction of quarter finals stage instead of direct semis after group stage) is going to benefit all teams and especially India. We can concentrate on 2-3 teams which are weaker than us. We should concentrate on those 2-3 teams as Germany and Australia are also there (in Indias pool).”We should make a strategy in such a way that we should not lose also and also keep points. Oltmans is good in making strategy and my advice is – take it one match at a time.” PTI SSR NRB KHS KHS BASlast_img read more


Tariffs prompt GoPro to pull manufacturing from China

first_imgSan Francisco, Dec 10 (AFP) GoPro on Monday announced plans to pull production of US-bound cameras out of China to avoid tariffs that could push up its prices in a fiercely competitive market.Manufacturing of GoPro cameras for countries other than the US will remain in China, according to the Silicon Valley-based electronics firm.”Today’s geopolitical business environment requires agility, and we’re proactively addressing tariff concerns by moving most of our US-bound camera production out ofChina,” said GoPro chief financial officer Brian McGee.”We believe this diversified approach to production can benefit our business regardless of tariff implications.” GoPro expected to make the move at relatively low cost since it owns production equipment it uses in China while a partner there provides facilities.Production of US-bound GoPro cameras should be moved out of China by the middle of next year, according to McGee. The company offered no details on where it would relocate.The camera and technology company early this year cut its workforce and shut down its Karma drone unit as it grapple with disappointing financial performance.GoPro soared to popularity with cameras used for social media and extreme sports photography but has struggled in the face of low-cost competition. (AFP) CPSlast_img read more



first_imgA Sergeant Bluff industrial park has been certified as shovel ready through the Iowa Certified Site Program.Sgt. Bluff Mayor Jon Winkel says its the first in the western part of the state to achieve project-ready status.Audio Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.OC…………100 plus acre site. :13The city and state economic development officials completed the certification in just over two years, a full year earlier than the process usually takes.Winkel says the land is ready for a company to build there:Audio Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.OC….market the site. ;21Sam Wagner of the Siouxland Chamber of Commerce says the shovel ready site, combined with the metro areas number one ranking for industrial development projects from Site Selection Magazine, is a winning combination that should spur additional growth once a company builds there:Audio Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.OC…….. into those primary industries. :20The Sergeant Bluff Park is located at the south end of town along the newly developed Dogwood Trail roadway.last_img read more


9 Tips on How to Waterproof Shoes Ahead of Winter Weather

first_img How to Properly Polish Your Own Shoes Allow time to break in the fabric – Once the shoe conforms a bit to your foot, the fabric will reveal unique creases and any waterproofing solution will be able to get into those seams and prolong extra wear.Clean after heavy uses – Don’t leave mud and grit on the tread after a day on the trails (or in your favorite metropolitan area). Simply keeping shoes clean with a damp towel or brush preserves the finish.Dry upside down and invest in a shoe tree – Drying boots upside down will help moisture naturally evaporate and the horn will keep the shoe’s shape over time. REI says you can use a piece of yesterday’s Times inside the shoe to help wick moisture away too.Commercial Products for Those with Little Time Wax n’ Dry – With candle wax and a hair dryer, you can apply a very basic waterproof buffer to your shoes. Barely heat the wax, then rub it into your footwear. Then, use a hair dryer to gently melt it into the fabric. Do not leave the dryer on any particular spot at too high of a heat for too long or else the fabric may crack due to rapid moisture loss. This applies to just about any fabric outside of synthetics.Boil N’ Brush – Using just a couple ingredients and a heat source, you too can make your own waterproofing liquid for pennies on the dollar and can apply to just about anything. It will also make you long for the prairie and potentially protect every piece of clothing you own. As fall clouds start rolling in, the rain, snow, sleet, hail and anything else Mother Nature can think of isn’t too far behind. And, if you were smart, you took advantage of the off-season sales and bought yourself a quality pair of winter boots at a cut-rate price.Why waterproof? It’s protection of your investment. As boots/shoes flex in regular use, grit and grime gets into the fabric and can cut the life of your new purchase significantly.A good-looking and worn-in pair of boots can complete a look and save your feet from hours of drenched unpleasantness. We’ve sifted through dozens of options and come up with 9 of the best ways to waterproof and protect your shoes/boots whether they be leather, suede, fabric or otherwise.How to Waterproof ShoesAs You Begin Wearing Your Footwear The Best Men’s Waterproof Boots for Tackling All Weather Editors’ Recommendations center_img Scotchgard – Easily one of the most popular products on the market, 3M’s spray-on line has a regular and a “Heavy Duty” option depending on your needs and it works on every fabric. It’s also a simple application: spray on a coat, let it dry, spray on a second and in an hour, bam, waterproofed.Rust-Oleum Never Wet – Another spray-on liquid, but specifically developed for boots and shoes (they even claim their product works on tennis shoes). As opposed to Scotchgard, which can make fabrics feel starchy and stiff over time, Rust-Oleum won’t change the flexibility and feel of your footwear. However, Never Wet is more chemical-based, so it is a good idea to use gloves when applying.Dry Guy Footwear Waterproofing Spray – This spray is one of the few that claims to be environmentally friendly, using water as its “main dilutant”. Also, Dry Guy doesn’t require multiple applications, so it’s a “one and done” product.DIY Options for Craftier Folks (or Cobblers in Training) 14 Scandinavian Clothing Brands You Need to Know The Best Men’s Heritage Outdoor Apparel for Cool Weather The Big List of Brands with Lifetime Warranties: Buy It Once, Have It Foreverlast_img read more


CSJP’s PeaceMobile Moves into Gordon Pen

first_imgThe Citizen Security and Justice Programme (CSJP) has welcomed the community of Gordon Pen, St. Catherine, to its family with the use of the PeaceMobile and Information Village, at an event held today (January 17), at the Eltham Park Primary School and Gordon Pen Football Field in Spanish Town.“The PeaceMobile marks entry into new communities and forms part of the CSJP’s comprehensive public education programme, as it easily galvanizes rapid community support and builds awareness,” said Communications Officer at the CSJP, Leroy Porteous.The CSJP’s expansion into new communities, he said, is being facilitated through a recent injection of 7.25 million Pounds Sterling grant from Britain’s Department for International Development (DFID), and as a result, more than 7,000 young people across the island are set to benefit from the expansion of services under the CSJP.In addition, several government and private sector agencies have partnered with the CSJP, in an effort to bring their services into the communities where residents can easily gain access.Residents of the Gordon Pen community, Mr. Porteous added, have benefitted immensely from the services of these stakeholders, including the Registrar General’s Department (RGD), Tax Administration of Jamaica, National Insurance Scheme (NIS), Programme of Advancement Through Health and Education (PATH) of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, Restorative Justice, Dispute Resolution Foundation, Community Security and Safety Branch, National Housing Trust and the Jamaica Foundation for Lifelong Learning.“As a result of the PeaceMobile and Information Village, residents of the community were able to submit applications for birth certificates, tax registration numbers (TRN), and National Insurance Scheme (NIS) cards,” Mr. Porteous said.He added that the first 100 applications submitted to the RGD would be processed at no cost to the residents.Mr. Porteous also highlighted that the CSJP will be continuing its quest to implement its social intervention programmes in three additional communities by the end of the fiscal year, namely, Central Village and Greendale in St. Catherine, as well as White Hall/Red Hills Road in St. Andrew.The Communications Officer noted that Gordon Pen is the 47th community that it operates in thus far, and that entry into the other communities will bring the total number to 50.The CSJP is a multi-faceted crime and violence prevention initiative focusing on building community safety and security, and reducing poverty.last_img read more


Rural Aquaculture Startup Will Introduce Mediterranean Sea Bass

first_imgThe province is investing in a unique land-based aquaculture start-up in Hants County that will introduce Mediterranean sea bass to Nova Scotia. Led by an immigrant to Canada, Jeremy Lee, Sustainable Fish Farming Canada Ltd., will receive a repayable loan of $750,000 through the Industrial Expansion Fund. Mr. Lee has also made a $1-million personal contribution and has received repayable loans of $625,000 from the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA). “The province is committed to supporting the sustainable development of aquaculture and this is an opportunity to introduce a species of fish to Nova Scotia that is in significant demand worldwide,” said Ron Chisholm, Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture. “This investment will not only create a new export-based business in rural Nova Scotia, it will also provide new technical expertise to Nova Scotia’s aquaculture industry.” Mediterranean sea bass grow to maturity quickly, for faster turnaround and reduced working capital. The species requires a unique environment, which Mr. Lee will provide with his expertise. “Aquaculture is one of the fastest growing sectors of the world’s agricultural economy, and has a strong, sustainable future,” said Peter MacKay, Minister of ACOA. “Through this investment, ACOA is demonstrating its commitment to strengthening communities, encouraging business growth and creating more and better-paying jobs for Atlantic Canadians.” With an emphasis on Mediterranean sea bass, Sustainable Fish Farming will also include a recirculation marine fish research unit for halibut growth. “We are pleased with this investment, which will help us to complete our sustainable fish farm,” said Mr. Lee. “We are confident that our recirculation technology will support our ambitions for growth over the next five years.” The Industrial Expansion Fund (IEF) is one method the government of Nova Scotia uses to support economic development in the province. It is key to helping industries involved in innovation and technology and contributing to a prosperous and sustainable business climate for Nova Scotia. The IEF has considerable flexibility in the amount and type of funding it can provide. A tour of the farm, located 25 minutes outside of Windsor, will take place after the announcement.last_img read more


Officials suspect algal toxins in deaths of three dogs who played in

first_imgFREDERICTON – Health officials are trying to determine what killed three dogs who suffered convulsions and vomiting almost immediately after playing in the Saint John River.New Brunswick’s provincial veterinarian, Jim Goltz, said Thursday he is awaiting results from tests on two of the dogs to see if their sudden deaths were caused by exposure to toxicity from a possible blue-green algal bloom.He said both dogs had seizures and other signs of neurological disease before they passed away within a half hour after playing in the river and likely ingesting the water.Officials are examining two popular recreational sites on the river to look for possible algal blooms.“We don’t yet know what killed the dogs, but we do suspect the possibility of blue-green algal toxicity and this is being investigated as one of our primary considerations,” he said.“In the interim, we’re advising people not to let pets or children in water that has a green scum on it … and we’re also advising people to stay clear of the sites on the Saint John River where the deaths of the dogs occurred.”Goltz said his laboratory received two of the dogs, but there were no immediate signs of what may have caused their deaths. Samples are being examined and tested for toxins at a specialized lab in Halifax, he said.Two small dogs were together at Carleton Park near Fredericton on Sunday when they began experiencing difficulty breathing and became disoriented moments after coming out of the water. Their owner, Jeff Wilhem, said on his Facebook page that his pets — Sookie and Peekaboo — passed away a short time after playing in the water at the Carleton beach.“Sookie died in my arms within minutes, and Peekaboo died about an hour later. There was nothing the vet could do,” he wrote, adding that an autopsy was being done. “Please keep your children and pets away from the beach.”Another dog — an eight-month-old Australian shepherd named Nike — died suddenly Friday after playing in the river at a Hartt Island campground, about 10 kilometres away from Carleton Park.Owner Shawn McFadden said Thursday that the puppy was happily playing in the river for about 20 minutes, got out and went back to the family’s trailer when she started convulsing and vomiting before he rushed her to the veterinarian.“I tried to bring her to the animal hospital and she died on the way, within a half hour,” he said. “It was your classic seizure, like convulsing, eyes rolling and she went limp and it was quite something.”McFadden said they are awaiting test results to try to identify the cause, but that could take a couple of weeks. He added that he didn’t notice anything unusual on the water’s surface and the family has been going there for years with their dogs without incident.“It’s never been an issue and there was no reason to suspect anything,” he said. “For us, it’s just a waiting game to find out what happened.”Goltz stressed that they have not yet confirmed the deaths are linked to algal toxicity, but he is advising people to keep their pets and children out of water near the two sites and anywhere where there is a green scum on the water’s surface.According to the province’s website, blue-green algae are photosynthetic bacterial organisms that occur naturally in lakes, rivers and wetlands. Depending on conditions, they can quickly form a bloom and produce toxins.Goltz said exposure to a toxin can cause a host of symptoms in dogs since there are so many different species of the bacteria that produces the toxins. They can include excessive salivation, weakness, staggering, difficulty breathing, seizures and death. They can all occur within minutes of exposure, he said. In people, symptoms can include vomiting, diarrhea, numbness and abdominal cramps, amongst others.Goltz said he’s only seen one dog fatality in the province linked to algal bloom toxins. In 2010, a five-and-a-half-month-old Labrador retriever suffered hyper-salivation, red and rolling eyes, staggering and vomiting before laying down and dying, all within a half hour of being in the water.Paul Bradley, a spokesman for the Health Department, said crews planned to visit and assess the two sites to determine if they need to take water samples for testing.He said there are 14 sites with confirmed algal blooms, mostly in provincial lakes.– By Alison Auld in Halifaxlast_img read more


MMIWG inquiry gets failing grades in NWACs latest report card

first_imgAPTN National NewsThe inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women has received failing grades all around in the latest report card by the Native Women’s Association of Canada.NWAC released its report card Tuesday morning giving the inquiry failing grades in 10 of 15 categories, such as failing to include families, being transparent and sticking to timelines.The inquiry didn’t receive one passing grade. Read the full report here.“The families of First Nations Inuit and Métis women and girls deserve to be respected by this process,” the report states.NWAC said there needs to be action taken to honour and commemorate women and girls.“Beyond a formal letter indicating that ‘Indigenous women and girls are sacred,’ we have heard very little as to what the Inquiry has planned to honour and commemorate,” said NWAC. “Our stolen loved ones deserve much more.”The report cards comes on the heels of more than 30 advocates, Indigenous leaders and family members issuing an open letter Monday to the chief commissioner of the inquiry, suggesting the process is in “serious trouble.”The group wrote that while it is aware the commission has a difficult challenge, immediate action must be taken to prevent damage and shift the current approach of the inquiry.The letter, posted on the website of Métis artist Christi Belcourt, said people are “deeply concerned” by a continued lack of communication that’s been fostering anxiety, frustration, confusion and disappointment.The inquiry, designed to cost $53.8 million and take two years, is led by Marion Buller, the first female First Nations judge in British Columbia, with four other commissioners, including former NWAC president Michele Audette.The team’s mandate requires an interim report on its work in November, but a growing number of family members and other stakeholders say it’s still not clear when they will get a chance to share their testimony.The commission is set to hold its first public hearing May 29 in Whitehorse, but other community meetings won’t take place until later this fall at the earliest.No other dates have been confirmed for additional hearings, an inquiry spokesperson said in a statement last week, and the commission has yet to develop a database comprising the names of the victims.“There are now about 294 families who have reached out to the national inquiry and identified as wishing to participate,” said communications director Bernée Bolton.“There is an extensive community engagement and communications plan to connect to families and survivors.”Signatories of the letter published Monday say the time frame for the inquiry is “clearly too short,” adding the commissioners should formally request an extension from the federal government.“This will enable you to use the time this summer to seriously consider how the inquiry can be reformatted to address the myriad of concerns being raised widely across the country.”A spokesperson for Indigenous Affairs Minister Carolyn Bennett said the minister remains confident that the commission has the appropriate resources and time to conduct its work.For its part, the inquiry said late Monday that the chief commissioner has received the letter and needs some time to “carefully consider the content.”In May 2014, the RCMP documented 1,181 murdered and missing women between 1980 and 2012.A year later, the force said 32 additional Indigenous women had been murdered and 11 more had disappeared since it first reported on the issue. It also cited an “unmistakable connection” between homicide and family violence.– with files from The Canadian Presslast_img read more


Update on the latest in business

FINANCIAL MARKETSAsian stocks mixed as Fed steers clear of signalling rate cutSINGAPORE (AP) — Asian stocks were mixed on Thursday after the U.S. Federal Reserve kept its benchmark interest rate intact and steered clear of suggesting that a cut was possible this year. Trading was light with markets in Japan and mainland China closed.On Wednesday, the Federal Reserve left its benchmark interest rate — which determines the cost of borrowing for individuals and businesses — in a range of 2.25% to 2.5% as expected.Still, some traders had hoped the Fed would signal a rate cut to lift persistently low inflation to its 2% target rate. The Fed’s preferred 12-month inflation barometer is running at about 1.5%.Over on Wall Street, stocks closed lower after climbing earlier in the day on strong earnings reports.The broad S&P 500 index retreated 0.8% to 2,923.73 on Wednesday. The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 0.6% to 26,430.14 and the Nasdaq composite fell 0.6% to 8,049.64. The Russell 2000 index of smaller company stocks shed 0.9% to 1,576.38.Benchmark U.S. crude oil slipped below $63.50 per barrel.The dollar rose against the yen and fell against the euro.CAR-SHARING-REGULATION BATTLESAs car-sharing picks up in US, so do legislative battlesPHOENIX (AP) — Car-sharing apps that let people rent out their vehicles to strangers are growing in popularity in the U.S. But the people who rent cars through apps like Turo and GetAround don’t pay the taxes and surcharges that local governments and airports tack onto traditional rental cars.That’s made them a target for rental car companies, airport authorities and others who say the upstart apps should face the same taxes and fees that come with rental cars.At stake is hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue that cities and airports count on to pay for stadiums and convention centres or to fund police, fire and other general operations.Car-sharing companies including Turo and GetAround function like Airbnb for vehicles, allowing people to rent out their cars when they’re not using them. Founded about a decade ago, they’ve taken off recently with the help of millions of dollars from venture capital firms and other investors.That’s put them in conflict with the $42 billion-per-year rental car industry and the tourism and government agencies that tax it and regulate safety and consumer protections.The battle is heating up in some three dozen state legislatures as well as the courts and offices of local tax authorities.US-CUBA-LAWSUITSUnder Trump change, Cuba business partners can now be suedMIAMI (AP) —People who lost properties after the Cuban revolution hope that, starting Thursday, they will be able to sue European and American companies doing business on their former properties.That’s thanks to the Trump administration’s decision to activate a provision of the U.S. embargo on Cuba with the potential to affect foreign investment in Cuba for years to come. It allows Americans, and Cubans who later become Americans, to sue almost any company “trafficking” in property confiscated by Cuba.Known as Title III of the 1996 Helms-Burton Act, the law contains exceptions for residential properties, properties worth less than $50,000 and properties linked to travel to Cuba deemed legal under U.S. law. Its activation Thursday could nonetheless generate dozens, even hundreds of lawsuits, along with trade fights between the U.S. on one side and countries including Spain, France and Britain on the other.Lawyers and potential plaintiffs say they expect only a trickle of lawsuits at first due to the expense and complexity of filing litigation under a law that is being put into effect for the first time and touches on issues of international trade and sovereignty.Suing is also expensive, with initial filing fees of more than $6,500 a case. There is also the difficulty and expense of proving ownership with old Cuban documents.MARIJUANA LOUNGES-VEGASVegas city officials approve marijuana consumption loungesLAS VEGAS (AP) — Legal marijuana smokers will soon be able to find lounges where they can light up in Las Vegas — but not in casinos, not in places serving alcohol, and not on the resort-lined Las Vegas Strip.The City Council on Wednesday approved what proponents dubbed “social use venues” in the downtown and urban core of Nevada’s sprawling casino playground.The move answers a conundrum faced by adult tourists who have been able since July 2017 to buy marijuana for recreational use, but not consume it in public, in casinos or in hotel rooms.It adds Las Vegas to a list of U.S. cities allowing pot lounges — currently headed by San Francisco but also other California towns, places in Alaska, and Denver. Colorado state clean air rules mean the Mile High City’s two bring-your-own lounges don’t allow pot smoking, but they do allow vaping.City spokesman Jace Radke said it could take several months for the 20 or so licensed recreational marijuana sales dispensaries in Las Vegas to get permits to open hookah-style consumption lounges.Lawmakers in surrounding Clark County who regulate the neon-lit Strip have considered allowing lounges but decided in February to await rules from the state.ECONOMY-THE DAY AHEADBusiness and economic reports scheduled for todayWASHINGTON (AP) — The Labor Department releases first-quarter productivity data today and the Commerce Department issues its report on factory orders for March.Also today, Freddie Mac, the mortgage company, reports this week’s average mortgage rates.FEDERAL RESERVEFed foresees no rate hikes amid unusually low inflationWASHINGTON (AP) — The Federal Reserve left its key interest rate unchanged Wednesday and signalled that no rate hikes are likely in coming months amid signs of renewed economic health but unusually low inflation.The Fed left its benchmark rate — which influences many consumer and business loans — in a range of 2.25% to 2.5%. The central bank’s low-rate policy has helped boost stock prices and supported a steadily growing economy whose outlook has brightened since late last year.The Fed did make a technical adjustment to reduce the interest it pays banks on reserves as a way to keep its benchmark rate inside its approved range.The decision Wednesday to make no change in the policy rate policy had been expected despite renewed pressure from President Donald Trump for the Fed to cut rates aggressively to help accelerate economic growth.SMALLBIZ-HIRINGSmall businesses extend streak of erratic job creationNEW YORK (AP) — Small business hiring gained in April, extending a run of erratic job creation.Payroll provider ADP’s monthly tally of small business hires showed companies added 77,000 jobs last month, a jump from an upwardly revised 20,000 in March and 30,000 in February.ADP’s numbers, which reflect hiring at its customers who employ up to 49 workers, have fluctuated since last summer.Business owners have been cautious, waiting until they have the revenue to justify the risk and expense of new hires.MEDICARE FOR ALLBudget office finds caveats to government-run health systemWASHINGTON (AP) — Congressional budget experts say moving to a government-run health care system like “Medicare for All” would be complicated and potentially disruptive for Americans.The report Wednesday by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office says among the risks are increased wait times and reduced access to care if there are not enough medical providers to meet an expected increased demand for services.The CBO did not produce a cost estimate of Sen. Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All bill or its House counterpart. Instead, the report lists pros and cons of changing the nation’s current mix of public and private health care financing to a system entirely paid for by the government.Private payments from employers and individuals currently cover close to half of the U.S. health care bill.BRITAIN-CLIMATE CHANGEUK climate panel sets big goals: less meat, drive electricLONDON (AP) — An independent committee that advises Britain on climate change says the country should target net-zero emissions of greenhouse gases by 2050, rapidly adopting policies to change everything from how people heat their homes to what they eat.The report released Thursday by the Committee on Climate Change says it’s time for ambitious goals to curb emissions that cause climate change because “current policy is not enough.”The group recommends increased electrification in Britain’s economy, developing hydrogen fuel technology and setting ambitious targets for carbon capture and storage.It also calls for reduced consumption of meat and dairy products, changes in how farmers operate, and a requirement for only electric vehicles by 2035.Environmental groups welcomed the findings, but the proposals could be seen as daunting to businesses and the government.MASSACHUSETTS GAMBLING-WYNNCasino panel hopes record $35M Wynn fine serves as deterrentBOSTON (AP) — Massachusetts regulators say the record $35.5 million in fines imposed on Wynn Resorts and its CEO are meant to serve as a deterrent as the state’s casino industry takes shape.State Gaming Commission Chair Cathy Judd-Stein said Wednesday she’s confident the panel struck the right balance in fining the company for failing to disclose years of allegations of sexual misconduct against company founder Steve Wynn.Casino experts say the fines levied Tuesday are the largest ever penalty by a state gambling regulatory agency.The Nevada Gaming Commission in February levied a $20 million fine on Wynn Resorts that was the largest imposed at the time.Jennifer Roberts, of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, says the penalty is more along the lines of fines imposed on casinos by the federal government for money laundering.Wynn Resorts has said it’s weighing its legal options.The Associated Press read more


Environmentallyinsensitive free trade can hurt developing economies UN

Environmentally-insensitive trade liberalization can lead to economically costly soil degradation, water pollution, loss of biodiversity and destruction of forests, the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) warned today. The stark warning follows the release of six new reports on the environmental impact of trade liberalization in the rice sector in China, Colombia, Indonesia, Nigeria, Senegal and Vietnam, and three months before a critical World Trade Organization (WTO) meeting in Hong Kong where trade ministers will push for further liberalization under the round of negotiations agreed to in Doha, Qatar.“It is critical that we get an agreement in Hong Kong and from the Doha Round that frees up agricultural markets for poorer countries, but this should not come at the expense of the natural environment,” said Klaus Toepfer, Executive Director of UNEP, which supported the new studies. Consequences of environmental degradation, according to the reports, include a decline in earning for local producers, especially small-scale farmers. Consumers can also suffer because traders and trading cartels often do not pass on the price savings of large-scale farming to them. “Our work on the rice sector, and elsewhere, shows that while on the face of it, trade liberalization brings overall economic benefits, you need to look closely at the ‘winners’ and ‘losers’ and the long-term costs of environmental degradation and loss of natural resources,” said Hussein Abaza, head of UNEP’s Economic and Trade Branch, which led the work.UNEP says that countries must urgently establish policies that minimize environmental damage at the same time as they design trade policies. Inter-ministerial coordination is an important element of that policymaking, it adds.Under the auspices of UNEP, the leaders of the rice study reports and government officials from the respective countries are presenting their findings, recommendations and follow-up activities at a meeting today in Geneva. The country studies are available on the web at: read more


UN envoy mustering required support for consultations to resolve Yemen conflict

“Mr. Ahmed is currently mustering the required Yemeni, regional and international support before announcing the start of the consultations. We hope to be able to make an announcement very soon,” Stéphane Dujarric said at a press briefing at UN Headquarters. The Special Envoy is in Abu Dhabi today, following a visit to Riyadh, and is likely to undertake additional visits and extensive consultations in the subregion.As efforts to convene the Yemen consultations continue, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon once again reiterates his call for a further humanitarian pause in order to allow assistance to reach the Yemeni people, Mr. Dujarric emphasized.Humanitarian needs are becoming increasingly intense, and urgent measures by the international community, as well as regional States, are required to alleviate the worst consequences of the fighting. The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) reported that the Operations Room of the Ministry of Health in Sana’a, which manages all emergency operations for Yemen, was damaged yesterday. The damage incurred is expected to further cripple already strained emergency health relief operations. The UN’s humanitarian partners have supported the Ministry of Health in ensuring effective emergency health response, including equipping and building the capacity of the very Operations Room that was damaged yesterday.Yesterday’s incident follows attacks on dozens of health facilities by fighting, shelling, and airstrikes in Yemen since the escalation of the conflict in March. In addition, ten health care workers have been killed or injured while carrying out their duties since that time. The World Health Organization (WHO) continues to appeal for the protection of health facilities, staff and patients. The new Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, Stephen O’Brien, warned yesterday in a briefing to the Security Council that a full resumption of commercial imports of vital commodities, including food, fuel and medicines, is required to avoid a looming humanitarian catastrophe. read more


April 2018 new car preregistration figures

SMMT released figures for April pre-registrations in the UK new car market. The data shows the number of cars disposed of by vehicle manufacturers in August 2018 that were defined as pre-registrations.The Supply of New Cars Order 2000 requires motor manufacturers to publish the number of pre-registered cars supplied and the gross income received by suppliers from selling those pre-registered cars. This information is published on a monthly basis.Download the April 2018 releaseClick to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) read more


Dont buy a flashy car if youre looking for a serious relationship

In his theory of evolution, Charles Darwin suggested that showy traits such as peacock feathers, which do not improve survival, must instead give a reproductive advantage for them to persist through natural selection.But a new study suggests similar ostentatious displays in humans may actually be detrimental to finding lasting love.US researchers have found that driving a flashy car, is a turn-off for both men and women who are looking for a life partner.Despite the hefty price-tag and pleasing aesthetics, both sexes when seeking a long-term relationship are unimpressed by extravagant vehicles, viewing their drivers as less reliable and more sexually promiscuous, according to the research.In fact, the study suggest that people who are seeking marriage should ditch the sports car and instead choose something sensible.It follows recent research which found that women believed Porsche Boxster owners were less likely to want a committed relationship than Honda Civic drivers.“This contrasts with the notion that men’s conspicuous resource displays are attractive to women because they reliably signal expected future resource investment in partners and especially in offspring,” said study author Dr Jessica Kruger, of the University of Buffalo.Compared to women, men have a greater tendency to conspicuously display their wealth. But a woman’s preference for such displays reflects the type of partnership she is seeking. For example physical qualities are more important when she has a brief fling in mind, while a man’s wealth is more influential when she is deciding on a suitable life partner who can provide for her children.In the new research, the psychologists aimed to find out how men’s display of wealth is interpreted by others. Researchers at the universities of Buffalo and Michigan in the US asked 233 people of both sexes to state their preferences in two different scenarios. They first read through the description of two men who were buying cars for around £20,000 and then rated them on perceived parenting skills, dating, interest in relationships and attractiveness.In the first scenario ‘Frugal Dan’ bought a new car based on efficiency and reliability, which comes under warranty for the first few years. In contrast ‘Flashy Dave’ bought a used car and spent money on new paint, bigger wheels and more powerful sound system.The results showed that on a scale of how attractive the men were for a long term relationship, Flashy Dave was only rated as 43 points out of 80, while Frugal Dan received 67 points.The researchers concluded that when a man throws money around on fancy cars, people intuitively interpret it to mean he is more interested in a short-term dalliance than a romantic commitment. Sticking to a Honda Civic might be advisable if looking for a long-term partner Credit:Paul Harmer Photography Ltd  Sticking to a Honda Civic might be advisable if looking for a long-term partner  “Participants demonstrated an intuitive understanding that men investing in the display of goods featuring exaggerated sensory properties have reproductive strategies with higher mating effort and greater interest in short-term sexual relationships, as well as lower paternal investment and interest in long-term committed romantic relationships than men investing in practical considerations,” said Dr Daniel Kruger, of the University of Michigan.The authors, who are married came up with the idea for the study while driving in their“We lived in a historic district in an inner-city area, and there was a store nearby that sold enormous car wheels and had them hanging in the window,” he added.“That was our inspiration for this study.”The research was published in Evolutionary Psychological Science. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more


Erlau tyre chains for ENRCs new CAT wheel loader

first_imgKazakhstan mining group, Eurasian Natural Resources Corp (ENRC) has recently taken delivery of a Caterpillar 993K wheel loader. Due to the abrasive nature of the iron ore at the mine where the loader is being used as well as the risk of cuts, the tyres were fitted with a pair of Erlau GRANIT PLUS X22 tyre protection chains (TPC).The chains have been installed on Michelin XLD D2, 50/65 R51 tyres. Erlau said that its TPCs are often chosen based on: “their long-life, light-weight energy-saving links and the product support available.” Each chain weighs in at 3.5 t and were fitted by Erlau engineers. To ensure optimum service life, Erlau is providing round the clock on-site support.ENRC has a number of properties in Kazakhstan including the Sokolov-Sarbai Mining Production Association (SSGPO), Kazakhstan’s largest iron ore producer. The Caterpillar 993F  is powered by a CAT C32 ACERT engine generating 780 kW, with a bucket breakout force of 709.2 kN and a 23.7 m3 capacity bucket can hoist up to 22.7 t in a single pass.last_img read more


There are some very good ministers and some very poor ones

first_imgIt is almost a smear on someone’s character to call them a Catholic.ConferenceWith the Reform Alliance set to kick off their conference in the RDS tomorrow, Creighton was keen to avoid the notion that the group of defected Fine Gael TDs and senators was a party.“I would be careful not to rule out the possibility that all or some of us could end up in a party, but that’s not what this weekend is about.”Read: Mattie McGrath would consider joining Reform Alliance, Creighton says they’ll work with anyoneRead: Creighton and Timmins insist Reform Alliance conference not prelude to political party EXILED FORMER FINE Gael TD Lucinda Creighton today took aim at her former party colleagues.Speaking to Today FM’s The Last Word programme today, Creighton was asked about her opinions on an array of topics, including the cabinet in which she sat until being stripped of the Fine Gael party whip last summer.Without naming any names, Creighton told Cooper that she was a fan of some of her former fellow colleagues.“There are some very good ministers and some very poor ones.”However, Creighton remained tight-lipped when asked to point the finger.She also voiced her displeasure with the coalition government, saying that it was “a happy arrangement. Too happy at times.”EqualityWhen asked by Cooper about next year’s marriage referendum, Creighton said that she had not decided if she will campaign, but said that she didn’t support redefining marriage.“I would be sceptical about redefining marriage. The definition that we’ve had for millenia has served us well.”When asked if that position was informed by her religion, the Reform Alliance de facto leader said that she was “not a very committed Catholic”, but believed that the criticism of the religion was becoming “vitriolic”.“I wouldn’t be a particularly devout Catholic. The Church has made errors and caused pain, but the reaction by some people on the other side is becoming vitriolic.last_img read more


The Bord Gais Energy Theatre is on sale for €20m

first_imgTHE BORD GAIS Energy Theatre in Dublin’s docklands is being put on sale with a €20 million guide price.The 2,111 capacity Daniel Libeskind-designed theatre is being put on sale by the building’s receivers Grant Thornton through commercial real estate agent CBRE.The receivers were placed on the venue by Nama.The building, which cost €80 million to develop, will be of interest to a number of different types of buyer says CBRE executive director Sean O’Brien.He says that some potential buyers will be looking for a “trophy asset” in Dublin’s prestigious Docklands area. Concert operators who are looking to enter the Irish market also likely to show an interest.The venue is currently operated by the multinational entertainment company Live Nation.The building was known as the Grand Canal Theatre when it opened in 2010 and was renamed as the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre in a naming rights deal in 2012 that was belived to be worth €4.5 million.The companies behind the theatre and the Point Village complex, have been placed into receivership last year.Last month Harry Crosbie issued legal proceedings against the Nama in an attempt to block the agency pursuing debts he allegedly owes and remove the receiver from the Bord Gais Energy Theatre.Read: Receivers appointed to companies behind former Grand Canal Theatre and Point Village >Read: Bord Gáis secures naming rights to Grand Canal Theatre >last_img read more


Tenth Athens Pride calls for equal rights to have a family

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Hundreds of people on Saturday joined Greece’s annual gay pride parade in a long-standing demand for equal rights to civil union and adoption.Titled «A Family Affair», the 10th Athens Pride held on central Klafthmonos Square was supported by nearly a dozen embassies including those of Britain, the United States and Canada.“This year, we focus on the concepts of equality and freedom of choice from the perspective of family life as defined by every LGBT person, and specifically on the legal recognition of all LGBT families,» the organisers said.Homosexuals in Greece have begun seeking greater visibility and voice in recent years, holding the country’s first Gay Pride event in 2005.“Yesterday in the closet, today on the streets, tomorrow with our children,» read a banner carried by one group of participants.“Motherhood has no sexual orientation,» said another.Greek law on civil unions makes no specific provision for homosexual couples, and the first known same-sex civil marriage held in 2008 was annulled by a court a year later.The case brought Greece before the European Court of Human Rights, which condemned the staunchly Orthodox Christian nation last year for creating a «life partner» legal category excluding gays.The influential Greek Orthodox Church officially frowns upon same-sex relations, and its previous head archbishop Christodoulos famously condemned homosexuality as a «defect».Source: Kathimerinilast_img read more


Le bénéfice de eBay en hausse de 20 au premier trimestre

first_imgLe bénéfice de eBay en hausse de 20% au premier trimestreLe groupe eBay a fait part mercredi d’un bénéfice net de 420,64 millions d’euros pour le premier trimestre 2011. Une hausse de 20%.eBay a dépassé toutes les attentes au premier trimestre. Le groupe enregistre ainsi un bénéfice net en hausse de 20% (320,64 millions d’euros). Mais il ne s’arrête pas là. Son chiffre d’affaires est lui aussi en hausse : 16% pour atteindre 1,72 milliard de dollars, rapporte Le Monde.À lire aussiLe World Wide Web a 30 ans : devons-nous nous inquiéter de son évolution ?”Au premier trimestre, (la filiale de paiements en ligne) PayPal a continué à tirer une forte croissance mondiale, et eBay a nettement accéléré sa croissance aux Etats-Unis”, a souligné le directeur général, John Donahoe, cité dans un communiqué. eBay indique que les revenus de PayPal ont progressé de 23% au premier trimestre.Seule ombre au tableau pour le groupe : l’action perdait toutefois 1,06% à 22,68 euros dans les échanges électroniques après la clôture de la Bourse, note Le Monde.Le 28 avril 2011 à 14:23 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more