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Jimmy Carter And The Elders Visit Myanmar

first_imgConcluding a three-day visit to Myanmar, The Elders are offering their support to the people of Myanmar during this exciting period of transition. They also encourage decision-makers responsible for the implementation of the political reform process to make further progress. This was The Elders’ first visit to Myanmar as a group.Welcoming the work of a range of local and international actors involved in supporting the peace process with ethnic minority armed groups and addressing ongoing violence in Rakhine state, the Elders noted that they anticipate remaining engaged in the country in the coming years.The Elders travelled to Nay Pyi Taw and Yangon to meet with President U Thein Sein and other senior officials in the Myanmar government, political leaders, religious leaders and civil society groups including women’s organisations.Commenting on Myanmar’s political process, Jimmy Carter, former US President and Elders’ delegation leader, said: “The Elders have come to listen and give support to all those committed to a peaceful political transition in Myanmar. Our question to everyone on this visit has been: what kind of democracy do you envisage?“We had constructive discussions with President U Thein Sein and members of his government, as well as the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, in Nay Pyi Taw. We were impressed by the pace with which reforms are proceeding. Myanmar is becoming a more open society. The release of political prisoners is particularly encouraging. We trust there will be no political prisoners by the end of the year, as the President has pledged.“We have also been struck by the growing contribution and leadership of women in civil society, and yet they are under-represented in the political process. A truly vibrant democratic society cannot thrive without women’s equal status in all aspects of life.”The Elders encourage a comprehensive resolution of the ethnic conflicts in the country including a political dialogue involving all relevant parties.Commenting on the prospect of peace between the government and the ethnic minority armed groups in the border regions Martti Ahtisaari, former President of Finland, said: “I always say that building peace only begins once hostilities cease. This is the start, not the end, of a process.“For Myanmar to reap the benefits of peace, careful attention will need to be given to how the factors underlying conflict are managed, in particular the contest for land and other natural resources.“Although no two conflicts are ever the same, post-conflict societies share at least one trait: their success depends on the abandonment of an adversarial mindset, on addressing common challenges together. Ultimately, no one can want peace more than the Myanmar people.”The Elders call for an end to impunity for the perpetrators of violence against the Muslim community and for the meaningful realisation of the right to freedom of religion.Commenting on the inter-communal strife afflicting several parts of the country Gro Harlem Brundtland, former Prime Minister of Norway and Deputy Chair of The Elders, said: “A lot of attention has been given to the tensions between people of different faiths in Myanmar, but we have also been struck by the extent of the divisions within religious groups. We have encouraged the religious leaders to work for compassion and tolerance.“It could take decades to overcome the ingrained prejudices promoted by extremist voices in parts of the country. This will require far-reaching cultural changes in all parts of society, including through changes in the education curriculum.“The targeted violence against the Muslim minority in Rakhine state should also be halted as a priority. All people in Rakhine state, regardless of their religion, should see their basic rights to food, education and security fulfilled. No one can afford to ignore these senseless, destructive, repeated acts of brutality.”last_img read more


Federal prison corporations selling of moccasins drums for revenue exploitative says CreeMetis

first_img(Images from products made at the Warkworth Institution’s ‘Native crafts’ workshop. Photos from a product website)Jorge Barrera APTN National NewsA Cree-Metis artist says a federal prison corporation program aimed at Indigenous inmates to produce moccasins and drums for revenue is “exploitative” and needs a serious overhaul.Dawn Marie Marchand, a Cold Lake First Nation and Metis artist, said she was extremely concerned after discovering a corporation run by Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) was producing moccasins and drums, among other items, marketing them as being handcrafted by Indigenous peoples and then selling them to stores.“This is exploitative,” said Marchand, in an interview with APTN National News. “It really shows a lack of respect both for the local nations that are around there, but also for the local artisans that are there and the people who actually do this work and put pride, energy and time into this work. They need somebody to tell them or show them how to do it properly.”Marchand was responding to a report which aired last Thursday on APTN’s political program Nation to Nation describing a prison workshop at the Warkworth Institution, in Campbellford, Ont., which produces an assortment of items marketed as being “handcrafted by Canada’s First Nations, Inuit and Metis people” through CSC’s internal corporation of CORCAN. CORCAN earns tens of millions of dollars in revenue a year by selling inmate manufactured products and services.Cree-Metis artist Dawn MarchandWhile the Nation to Nation report focused on the recording of “racially prejudicial” comments by a top official at a major Canadian think tank involved in developing a training program for Indigenous inmates for CORCAN, Marchand said she was struck by the corporation’s selling of Indigenous-associated items made by Indigenous inmates.She fired off a series of tweets about the issue shortly after viewing the episode online which featured recorded statements from Michael Bloom, a vice president of the Conference Board of Canada, where he made racialized generalizations about Indigenous peoples, Asian people, and the Caribbean community.“This is completely unacceptable,” tweeted Marchand, who goes by the handle @Cree8Dawn. “Firstly the use of Indigenous inmates 2B providing ‘Slave Labour’ for profit in the prison industrial complex.”Marchand, who at one point used the hashtag #DISGUSTING, tweeted that she’s worked for 12 years promoting Indigenous hand crafts as an art form shaped by territory, clan and having #Indigenous inmates make moccasins and dreamcatchers for profit in prison work farms. DO YOU SEE THE CHECKMARK? #DISGUSTING— Dawn Marie (@Cree8Dawn) November 12, 2016“I’m really not pro pan-Indianism and what pan-Indianism is when we try to lump all nations into one specific category. This is, quote, Native American design, when it actually has nothing to do with what we are actually doing,” said Marchand. “If you want to know what our people are doing you need to go to places where you can find it. You have to go to art markets. Challenge yourself to go to a pow wow. You want to see what people are really doing? That’s where you need to go.”Marchand said the attempt at mass production by the prison shop undermines the work of actual artisans who kept the art alive.“When you see this kind of work that has been mass produced in this way it actually creates problems for people who have maintained and kept the spirit of this work alive for many, many generations,” said Marchand. “What bothers me the most is it is being mass produced, meaning it is void of any of the cultural markers, where it’s from, who made it…. These artists that I know, they hand-make and they hand-bead and they do all kinds of work. It takes a long time to do it properly.”The Warkworth Native craft, fur and shearing shop began operating in earnest in 2009 and was designed as an “Aboriginal program,” according to Karl Lech, the program instructor. Lech said it was preceded by a fur trapping course which was discontinued after one year. He doesn’t know why the trapping course was dropped.Lech said the program began by making fur trimmed sheepskin mitts which first sold within the department and then to stores in Ontario. By about 2010, Lech said the stores suggested the workshop expand its products to include moccasins and drums.“They said, hey, this might be an idea for you. The guys might like to try this,” he said. “A lot of them really enjoy doing moccasins. Not only that, it teaches them a lot of hand-stitching techniques too. They get to use scissors, they get to use fur knives. They get to use a lot of different tools.”Lech said it gives the Indigenous inmates a chance to learn skills they could use to start their own business when they get out of prison.“I had a couple of them say, ‘This is really neat, when I get out I’d like to make my family some moccasins,’” said Lech, whose family has been involved in the fur industry for over a century. “It’s perfect, it gives them some tools and they can do it. They can make a little extra money on the side when they get out. They can set up their own business.”Some of the items produced by the Warkworth Institution ‘Native crafts’ workshop. Photo from CORCAN PowerPointGreg Harris was one of those inmates. The Cree man worked in the workshop in 2010 and when he got out the next year he ended up starting up his own store in North Bay, Ont., now known as Native Creations. Harris said he started out with only $1,000, did the rounds of craft shows and built up his business from there. He now purchases products from the Warkworth shop he sells in his store.“Well, it’s not slave labour. They are learning something on the inside and at the same time, when we’re there, we still get paid, but it’s not that much,” said Harris. “It gives us extra money to live on. And, instead of being locked up in your cell all the time, you are making a trade out of it.”He believes the program should be expanded.“It changed my whole life around,” said Harris. “I would be back getting into trouble and getting back inside.”Small drums produced by Warkworth Institution ‘Native crafts’ workshop. Photo crom CORCAN PowerPointInmates working at the shop get paid up to $6.90 a day for their work. Lech said he only allows non-Indigenous inmates to enter the program if he’s exhausted the waiting list.A price list of items produced by the shop from 2014 shows inmates there make about 25 different items, from mitts to drums, to moccasins to dream-catcher key chains. The price list was obtained by Jean-Philippe Crete, a visiting junior fellow at the Centre for Criminology and Socio-legal Studies at the University of Toronto.The shop sells its moccasins, made from cow leather, for $55 a pair, a 15 inch drum, made with Elks skin and cypress wood, for $100 and dream-catcher key chains for $3 each, HST included. Other products include mitts for $70, headbands for $75 and moccasin key chains for $3, HST included.Lech said the price of items is set to recover the cost of materials and tools. The workshop, which can employ up to 11 inmates, produces about 250 pairs of moccasins and up to 60 drums a year, he said.CORCAN’s full slate of products and services is projected to generate about $90 million in gross profits by the end of the 2017 fiscal year.Harris said he re-sells moccasins, which do not include beads, from the CORCAN workshop for $89.95 and the 15 inch drums for $169.Harris said he doesn’t believe he is underselling his competitors in North Bay who sell similar moccasins for $94 with beads.Since it began its expanded product line, the Warkworth shop has sold its products primarily to stores in Ontario in places like Curve Lake, Rama, Six Nations, Gananoque and North Bay along with the Correctional Service Museum in Kingston and the Canadian Canoe Museum in Peterborough.It also sold four Inuit hand drums to the Museum of Canadian History in Gatineau, Que. The museum still has two of the drums in stock at its gift shop, said a spokesperson for the museum.Lech said he puts a little tag on products like the moccasins that read, “Handcrafted by Canada’s First Nation, Inuit and Metis people.”CORCAN does not advertise the Warkworth shop’s Native crafts products on its website among its other products and services, which include bunk beds, office stationary and military vehicle repairs.A website hosted out Warkworth does advertise the line of products, but, despite the Correctional Service of Canada banner, it is not an official government website. Lech said the website is out of date and he is not really sure why CORCAN does not advertise its moccasins and drums on the main website.For Crete, he sees the items as products of “pain.” Crete, who is also a doctoral candidate at the University of Alberta, said the items are the result of the “mass incarceration” of Indigenous peoples.“Pain is imprisonment. Pain is losing your right of liberty,” said Crete, who has written papers and given talks about the colonial legacy of the penal system while using the Warkworth shop as one example. “It is problematic that the state is hiring prisoners to reproduce sacred objects of their own culture and selling it to mass markets.”Crete first discovered the Warkworth products while he worked for Correctional Service of Canada. He received an email around Christmas time urging employees to go to national headquarters and purchase gifts to be given under the tree.“So they set up a display at national headquarters and you could go and purchase these items. I found it very curious and a little troubling when I found out CORCAN was also now in the business of reproducing Aboriginal artifacts on mass,” he said.Crete traces the roots of this program to CSC’s reaction to the Supreme Court of Canada’s 1999 Gladue decision. The decision outlined the need for judges, when sentencing, to take into account an Indigenous offender’s specific background and the systemic injustice they’ve faced.Crete said CSC concluded it needed to teach Indigenous peoples their own culture so they would stop reoffending.“That Gladue report got translated in the prison system under a commissioner’s directive,” said Crete. “(Which) identified those needs in Gladue and applied them as specific target points to intervene in punishment.”Marchand said if CSC and CORCAN were really serious about providing programming that creates space for Indigenous culture, it should revive the trapping program.“If you go through the skills of trapping, the skinning, the drying and stretching, that is going to teach you more about being back on the land, learning sustainability, learning how we did things like this. And then you learn how to make your moccasins,” said Marchand. “There is nothing based on the land in supplying some leather and teaching how to do this for a couple of days. It is devoid of the actual land part.”jbarrera@aptn.calast_img read more


Insolvent Kraus flooring group to sell distribution arm cease manufacturing

first_imgWATERLOO, Ont. – The Kraus Group of Companies says it will sell its flooring distribution businesses and shut down its broadloom carpet manufacturing operations in Waterloo, Ont., under court protection from creditors.Documents filed with the court as part of the process say the group’s assets are worth substantially less than what it owes its to main creditors, a total of nearly $148.2 million.Under the Companies Creditors Arrangement Act, a court oversees efforts to work out a business plan that’s satisfactory to the creditors of a company.The announcement comes days after the company issued temporary layoff notices to more than 200 unionized employees at Kraus Carpets and Strudex Fibres on Friday.In total, Kraus says 256 employees are affected by closing the manufacturing operations.It’s also seeking court approval for a sale of its flooring distribution business to Q.E.P. Co. Inc. under an agreement signed Tuesday.Kraus chief executive Shawn Davies says that the agreement to sell its distribution business will allow it to continue operating from its head office in Waterloo and continue sales through North America.last_img read more


Man arrested after police pursuit near Rycroft

first_imgPolice say their investigation is ongoing. Meanwhile the male suspect’s identity has not been released as charges are pending. RYCROFT, A.B. – One man is in custody after leading police on a pursuit that ended in Grande Prairie County.At approximately 1:45 on Thursday afternoon, members of the Spirit River RCMP were dispatched to a report of an armed robbery at a gas station in Rycroft. After leaving the gas station, police said the man gained entry to a nearby home and stole a vehicle. Upon locating the suspect, police attempted to pull him over, causing damage to both vehicles.Officers pursued the vehicle southbound on Highway 2, joined by backup from the Grande Prairie RCMP detachment. The suspect vehicle was eventually immobilized and the 34-year-old man from Blackfalds was arrested without incident. No one was injured during the incident.last_img read more


IndoLanka fishermen issue raised in the Rajya Sabha

Tiruchi Siva (DMK) too raised the issue of fishermen. He said that in March alone, four incidents of arrest of fishermen by Sri Lanka has taken place. (Colombo Gazette) The Indo-Lanka fishermen issue was raised in the Rajya Sabha (Indian Parliament) today, the Press Trust of India reported.Raising the issue of Tamil Nadu fishermen, AIADMK member S Muthukaruppan said they were being repeatedly arrested by Sri Lankan Navy and argued that Indian Navy should “attack Sri Lankan Navy to protect fishermen.” read more


Ford Daimler RenaultNissan form alliance to develop cars powered by hydrogen

Ford, Daimler, Renault-Nissan form alliance to develop cars powered by hydrogen by The Associated Press Posted Jan 28, 2013 9:12 am MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email DETROIT – Ford is joining with Diamler and Renault-Nissan to speed the development of cars that run on hydrogen.The three companies expect their alliance to bring affordable hydrogen fuel cell vehicles to market as early as 2017.Fuel cell vehicles run on electricity generated from hydrogen and oxygen. The only byproduct is water.Under the alliance, each company will invest equally in the technology. They plan to develop a common fuel cell system that each company will use to power its own vehicles. The companies also plan to take advantage of their combined size to reduce costs.The automakers say that together they have 60 years of experience developing fuel cell vehicles. Their test vehicles have travelled more than 6.2 million miles. read more


Export growth sees healthy rise for UK car production in April

UK car production makes further positive gains in April, up 16.4% with 149,334 units built.Strong growth in manufacturing for export, with volumes up 23.7% in the month.588,024 cars built in 2016 so far – a 10.8% rise over the same period last year.Wednesday 25 May, 2016 UK car manufacturing continued to make significant gains in April, according to figures released today by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT). Almost 150,000 cars were built in the month, a 16.4% increase on April 2015, and marking the ninth consecutive month of growth.Increasing overseas demand for British-built cars was again the driving force behind the growth: production for export jumped 23.7% in April, counterbalancing a 7.8% decline in cars made for the domestic market.April’s figures bolster an already positive 2016 for UK car output, with 588,024 cars built in the first four months of the year – up 10.8% on the equivalent period in 2015.Mike Hawes, SMMT Chief Executive, said, “Britain’s car manufacturing sector continues to thrive with a steady domestic market and surging demand from overseas, including our biggest export destination, Europe. This growth represents a significant endorsement of the strength and quality of the UK automotive industry.”Download the full release as a Word document.Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) read more


Golfers Tee Up for Black Diamond Open Photo Gallery

Photos by Jeff Barrett The Tony Basso Group Black Diamond Golf Tournament attracted hundreds of golfers to Carbon County over the weekend to compete in the three-day event.On Friday, the Carbon Country Club hosted the Black Diamond Pro-Am. The event brought together one professional golfer with four amateurs in each team. In total, 21 teams competed.Then, on Saturday and Sunday, the Black Diamond Open took place with 42 pros and 160 amateurs. Competitors played one round of golf each day, totaling their two scores for a final score to determine the winner. In the end, Todd Tanner walked away with the first place honors and $2,200, shooting nine under par between the two days. Chris Moody shot six under pair for the tournament, claiming second place and $1,900. Clint Godfrey and Zach Johnson tied for third, shooting four under par and taking home $1,350 each.“I would like to congratulate the winner, Todd Tanner, as he has another Diamond victory under his belt,” Tom King, Carbon Country Club’s head golf professional, shared following the tournament. “I also want to say thanks to all the players for making this one of the best events in the state. Last, my staff: you guys are amazing and this course and event could not run without you.” read more


Coroner criticises Army over support for soldiers after traumatised Corporal took his

It was heard the 35-year-old disappeared from his home in May last year and his body discovered in woodland after a desperate four-day search.Now, assistant coroner for West Sussex James Healey-Pratt is urging defence secretary Gavin Williamson to improve support for military personnel suffering with mental health issues.The coroner said: “Our service personnel need to be looked after and protected to a greater extent than they are.”In many ways, Danny’s tragic situation is an example of that. It’s the duty of this court to protect future people from that similar outcome.” Viv Johnston, mother of special forces hero Danny Johnston, fought back tears at his inquestCredit:Solent News & Photo Agency Viv Johnston, mother of special forces hero Danny Johnston, fought back tears at his inquest Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. A coroner has criticised the Army over ‘inadequate’ support offered to soldiers after a Corporal took his own life when he became traumatised in Afghanistan.Danny Johnston, 35, killed himself after 14 years of service which saw him deployed to war zones across the Middle East, Kosovo and Northern Ireland.Mr Johnston had been part of the UK’s elite Special Reconnaissance Regiment (SRR), sister regiment of the famed SAS.An inquest heard the experienced soldier was traumatised by a tour in Afghanistan, leaving him unable to sleep, but the military offered him no support despite “obvious red flags” about his mental health.Mr Johnston was even discharged by the Army after he was caught secretly taking prescription drug valium to deal with his problems. Mr Johnston’s mother Viv Johnston fought back tears as Mr Healey-Pratt said he would be writing to Mr Williamson to pressure them to make changes.Representing the Ministry of Defence, Lieutenant Colonel Chris Rotchell admitted the military must do more to help those suffering mental health issues.He said: “I joined the military in 1997 and the changes have been staggering from where we were then to where we are now.”But there’s still a huge amount of work to do surrounding the taboos of coming forward [for help].”Reaching a conclusion of suicide, coroner Mr Healey-Pratt said the support for Mr Johnston ‘wasn’t adequate’ and said, despite attitude changes at the MOD, more must be done to help veterans.He said: “If a special forces operative has sleeping problems, potentially due to combat tour in Afghanistan, they should feel safe and entitled to seek proper assistance without fear of jeopardising their military career.”Danny had been an effective and highly-valued member of his special forces unit the SSR. He served his Queen, he served his country, he served his regiment.”You can contact the Samaritans at 116 123 or read more


Pope accepts resignation of Cardinal Keith OBrien

first_imgBRITAIN’S MOST SENIOR Roman Catholic cleric, Cardinal Keith O’Brien, has today resigned as leader of the Catholic Church in Scotland.The news comes a day after reports claim he had engaged in inappropriate behaviour in the 1980s.Three priests and a former priest, from the diocese of St Andrews and Edinburgh in Scotland, reported to nuncio Antonio Mennini, the Vatican’s ambassador to Britain, that O’Brien had committed “inappropriate acts” going back 33 years.One priest claims he received unwanted attention from the cardinal after a late-night drinking session. Another alleges that O’Brien used night prayers as a cover for inappropriate contact.The 74-year-old Cardinal was meant to travel to the Vatican this week to help choose the next Pope, but confirmed in his resignation statement that he would not be taking part in the conclave.O’Brien had announced in November that he was planning to resign in view of his 75th birthday next month, but he said: “The Holy Father has now decided that my resignation will take effect today, 25 February 2013.”Additional reporting © AFP, 2013Read: Britain’s top Catholic in ‘inappropriate acts’ row: report >last_img read more


Aussies are saving even more than usual

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Low interest rates are allowing people to save more money. The number of Australian households saving money has increased over the past few months, according to the latest St George Bank-Melbourne Institute Financial Conditions Report. 48.6 per cent of households saved some money in December – an increase of 3.3 per cent over the September result. There was a substantial increase in the number of households that reported they were saving ‘a lot’ – up almost double from the previous survey, to 11 per cent. Source: Banking Daylast_img read more


Facebook to crack down on fake news ahead of EU elections

first_imgSocial media giant Facebook will crack down on misinformation leading up to the European Parliament elections this month. It has partnered with the Greek organisation Ellinika Hoaxes in fact-checking its Greek platform.There will be fact-checks in 14 languages – Croatian, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish – and collaborations between Facebook and 21 European Union partners that are accredited by the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN).The effort is part of the FactCheckEU project that aims to ensure that content related to the European Parliament is not falsified in the lead-up to the election.READ MORE: The Greek salad outrage that wasn’t“The cooperation with Facebook will provide us with far more capabilities to deal instantly with the scourge of misinformation, which constitutes a threat to the foundations of democracy,” said Theodoros Daniilidis, the founder of Ellinika Hoaxes. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more


LInternet mobile se généralise en France

first_imgL’Internet mobile se généralise en FranceL’Arcep, le régulateur des télécoms en France, a constaté une généralisation de l’usage de l’Internet mobile dans l’Hexagone. Internet imprègne de plus en plus la vie des Français. Il faut dire qu’avec l’explosion des services de vidéo, de transfert de données et même de télévision sur téléphone mobile, ce phénomène n’est pas vraiment étonnant. Les chiffres de l’Arcep, repris par Le Nouvel Obs, laissent voir une belle progression du web mobile dans la vie quotidienne des Français. Sur les 64,4 millions d’abonnés à un service de téléphonie mobile, le nombre de clients ayant accédé à la 3G au quatrième trimestre a atteint 22,5 millions, en progression de 29%.  Un phénomène qui s’accompagne d’un recul des revenus de la téléphonie fixe, qui fait l’objet d’une concurrence de plus en plus féroce. Les opérateurs et fournisseurs d’accès à Internet tentent de reconquérir les abonnés en lançant des “box” de plus en plus innovantes, avec des offres plus chères, visant à soutenir leurs marges. Dans le secteur, c’est toujours Orange qui mène devant SFR, Free et Bouygues Telecom.Le 1 avril 2011 à 12:08 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more


Apple propose à nouveau liPhone 3GS et liPhone 4 en Allemagne

first_imgApple propose à nouveau l’iPhone 3GS et l’iPhone 4 en AllemagneApple est de nouveau autorisée à vendre l’iPhone 3GS et l’iPhone 4 en Allemagne après la suspension de la décision de justice favorable à Motorola concernant une nouvelle fois une violation de brevets.Encore une nouvelle étape dans la guerre des brevets que se livrent les différents constructeurs de téléphones mobiles. Après avoir été interdit de vendre ses iPhone 3GS et iPhone 4 sur le sol allemand, Apple bénéficie aujourd’hui d’une suspension de la décision rendue par la justice allemande en décembre 2011, selon Le Monde.”Tous les modèles d’iPhone et d’iPad seront bientôt à nouveau en vente via la boutique en ligne d’Apple”, a indiqué Alan Hely, un porte-parole du groupe, tout en refusant de préciser quand les ventes reprendraient.En cause, une plainte de la société Motorola sur des brevets relatifs aux télécommunications, en particulier à l’utilisation de technologie 3G, qu’Apple aurait enfreint en 2007 dès la sortie du premier modèle d’iPhone. Les deux parties auraient au départ essayer de s’entendre sur un accord commercial mais les codifions demandées par Motorola auraient été jugées extravagantes par la Pomme. “Motorola a refusé à maintes reprises d’accorder une licence de ce brevet à Apple dans des conditions raisonnables, alors qu’il a été reconnu comme un standard de l’industrie il y a sept ans”, déclare Alan Hely.À lire aussiWireLurker : quand un malware attaque l’iPhoneCette décision de justice n’a pas été invalidée mais a été contournée par Apple. En effet, même si les réseaux classiques de distribution en Allemagne sont alimentés par Apple Europe, située à Cork en Irlande et toujours sous le coup de l’interdiction, une majorité de l’approvisionnement en téléphones se fait par le siège de l’entreprise situé à Cupertino en Californie.Cet énième épisode n’est qu’un pas de plus dans la guerre des brevets qui pollue actuellement les différents constructeurs de téléphonie mobile, bien décidés à faire valoir leurs droits acquis parfois chèrement devant les tribunaux. Le 6 février 2012 à 16:30 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more


Washington lawmakers pass bill for twotier licensing

first_imgOLYMPIA — Washington lawmakers reached agreement Thursday on a two-tiered licensing system that seeks to bring Washington state into compliance with federal identification requirements.With final passage of the measure, lawmakers end a multiyear struggle over how to best comply with the REAL ID Act, a 2005 federal law that requires state driver’s licenses and ID cards to have security enhancements and be issued to people who can prove they are legally in the United States.The House passed the measure on a 55-41 vote, followed by the Senate, which passed it on a 36-13 vote. It now heads to Gov. Jay Inslee for his signature.Washington state already offers, but does not mandate, enhanced driver’s licenses and IDs that require proof of U.S. citizenship and are already valid under the federal law. The measure passed by the Legislature would keep the state’s current enhanced license and would mark standard state licenses as not valid for federal purposes.Under the latest schedule released by the federal government, residents of states that are not in compliance with REAL ID and do not have an extension already need additional identification for access to some military bases and federal facilities and, starting on Jan. 22, 2018, to board commercial flights. Residents of states that have extensions will have until Oct. 21, 2020.last_img read more

TCI Digicel Christmas Remodeled Store Launch

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp#TurksandCaicos, November 21, 2017 – Providenciales – Digicel customers in Providenciales can now look forward to a new experience in customer service thanks to its new ‘Experience’ store in Graceway House in Providenciales.Located on the ground level of the Graceway House Building near Graceway IGA, the store boasts Smart Serve – a state-of-the-art intelligent digital and customer flow management system that is designed to provide intelligence on customer requests, service time and staff performance to significantly reduce wait time, improve efficiencies and greatly increase the overall quality of service for customers.“Customers want to be in and out of the stores in as short a time as possible and we are happy that Smart Serve will help us achieve this.   It’s all about finding ways to deliver on our commitment of providing a better experience and we are delighted to be in the first batch of Digicel territories to introduce this state-of-the-art solution for customers,” said Stephen Murad, CCO for Digicel TCI.Visitors to the Experience store during its opening on Wednesday 22nd November will be  treated to a host of activities and surprises, including being able to ring in the Christmas season by making their own Christmas ornaments with their family.Opened Mondays to Saturdays from 9am to 6pm, Digicel’s new Experience store is fully staffed with nine trained professionals ready and happy to deliver a better experience to customers.Press Release: Digicel Related Items:last_img read more


Land Bridge five years old draws people to crossroads meeting place

first_img Vancouver Land Bridgeo Length: 1,500 feeto Completed: 2008o Inspiration: Maya Lino Architect: Johnpaul Joneso Firm: Jones and Jones Architects, Seattleo Native American artwork: Lillian PittRelated story:Trail of art that is Confluence Project continues to fill in.Elsewhere onlineo Confluence Project: http://confluenceproject.orgo Fort Vancouver National Historic Site: Artist Lillian Pitt: o Storyteller Ed Edmo: long braids bouncing with each step, Tyese Arthur danced an American Indian “circle dance” Saturday morning with about a dozen other members of the N’chi Wanapum Canoe Family. In beaded moccasins, her feet hopped and stepped to the beating drums.As they moved in a circle, Arthur and the other fancy dancers from Warm Springs, Ore., also chanted traditional American Indian songs at the base of the Vancouver Land Bridge to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the project’s completion.Part of the Confluence Project, the Vancouver Land Bridge was inspired by Maya Lin, designer of the Vietnam War Memorial. Its purpose is to reconnect the Fort Vancouver National Historic Site to the Columbia River.The site’s history as a crossroads continued without a beat, even Saturday. Just as the ceremony began, a BNSF train stopped on the railroad berm overpass, providing a noisy background throughout the event. On the other side of the crowd, vehicles zipped by on Highway 14. And overhead, small planes from Pearson Field and fighter jets from Portland International Airport added to the cacophony. Lillian Pitt’s artwork on the Vancouver Land Bridge includes the welcome gate topped with canoe paddles and a silver mask of a Chinook woman. “I made the mask to honor Chinookan women,” Pitt told the crowd. “They were the businesswomen who did the trading.”last_img read more


Coupon Mailer Urges Postal Rate Hike for Magazines

first_imgABM is planning to file responding comments by the February 13 deadline, arguing that an excessive increase for Periodicals which make up less than 4 percent of mail volume would have a “nearly immeasurable effect on other mailers.” The comments will also highlight the fact that the present Periodicals rates—on average, 11.8 percent higher than the previous ones—were in effect for only two and a half months of fiscal year 2007, that the new rate design will have cost-reduction effects and that the new Flat Sequencing System, set to be deployed this year, will lessen the cost of Periodicals for the USPS.ValPak did not immediately return requests seeking comment. A spokesperson for the Magazine Publishers of America said it’s too premature to comment. In an era of rising postal rates, it appears it’s every mailing class for itself. Direct marketing coupon mailer ValPak filed comments with the Postal Regulatory Commission last week encouraging the commission to raise Periodicals rates by a double-digit percentage—an increase that would be well above the CPI rate cap, according to American Business Media. If the commission finds it can’t get around the CPI cap, ValPak recommends that the entire CPI-based increase be targeted on “low-volume, high-cost magazines that are circulated nationally.”ValPak’s comments are in response to the finding that Periodicals failed by a wide margin to cover its class’s postal costs in fiscal year 2007, according to the USPS’s filing of its cost and revenue data by class of mail.last_img read more

WILMINGTON REC REMINDERS Training For Aspiring Babysitters Ages 11 Up On June 9

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — The Wilmington Recreation Department is providing a “Babysitter Training” class for children age 11+.On Saturday, June 9, from 9:15am to 1:15pm, this class will teach the necessary skills needed to begin your babysitting career.Topics include basic first aid, infant and toddler care, handling bedtime issues, interviewing skills and more.The cost is $45. To register, visit, call the Department at 978-658-4270, or stop by Town Hall, Room 8. The Department is open Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm.(NOTE: The above announcement is from the Wilmington Recreation Department.)Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedWILMINGTON REC REMINDERS: Sox Tickets, Babysitting Training, B-Ball For Grades 3-5In “Community”WILMINGTON REC REMINDERS: Get Discounted Admission Tickets To 8 AttractionsIn “Community”WILMINGTON REC REMINDERS: Jurassic Junior, Gingerbread People, & Babysitter Training Coming SoonIn “Community”last_img read more


US to send 1000 more troops to the Middle East amid tensions

first_imgUS Acting Defence Secretary Patrick ShanahanReuters The United States has deployed around 1,000 additional troops to the middle east for “defensive purpose”, according to a statement released by the Secretary of Defense on Tuesday, June 18.Patrick Shanahan, the acting Secretary of Defence said in a statement, “In response to the US Central Command’s request for additional forces, and with the advice of the Chairman The Joint Chief of Staff and in consultation with the White House, I have authorized approx 1,000 add’l troops for defensive purposes to address air, naval, & ground-based threats in the Middle East.”He further added, “The recent Iranian attacks validate the reliable, credible intelligence we have received on hostile behavior by Iranian forces & their proxy groups that threaten United States personnel & interests across the region.” He also said that the US “does not seek conflict with Iran”. Image showing Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps removing an unexploded limpet mine from Kokuka Courageous.US Department Of DefenceOn Monday, the US military released new images to support its claims that Iran was responsible for the Gulf of Oman tanker attacks.The US Department of State spokesperson, Morgan Ortagus, released a press release, which stated that the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo spoke with Iraq’s Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi following Iranian attacks in the region. It said, “The Secretary shared our assessment  was responsible for attacking two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman. He reiterated the US commitment to upholding freedom of navigation.”On June 15, US officials told CNN that Iran fired a surface-to-air missile on a US drone, hours before two tankers were hit by suspected attacks in the Gulf of Oman on June 13.Last week, the US military released footage that showed Iran’s Revolutionary Guard removing a limpet mine from one of the oil tankers attacked. The video suggested that the Iranian armed force tried to remove evidence of its involvement from the attacks.The move comes after the pentagon announced its plans last month to send 1,500 troops and dozen fighter jets to the Middle East in response to what the US said was a threat from Iran.Iran has denied the accusations and asserted that the country is responsible for maintaining the security of the Strait of Hormuz economic corridor.last_img read more