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Zidane risks reputation to usher in new era at Real Madrid

first_imgMadrid: Zinedine Zidane stood for 29 minutes fielding questions but all of them really came down to two: Why now? And, what next? In a packed auditorium in the belly of the Santiago Bernabeu on Monday night, Raul and Roberto Carlos took their seats in the front row while journalists squeezed up against the walls, an hour and a half after the official announcement. Santiago Solari had been sacked as coach of Real Madrid and in his place Zidane would return, 284 days after he had left. Also Read – Dhoni, Paes spotted playing football togetherOn May 31 last year, sitting next to the club’s president Florentino Perez, Zidane had said the team would not keep winning with him in charge. They failed to win without him, first under Julen Lopetegui, the sacked Spain coach, and then Solari, the interim-turned-permanent coach, who watched on as Madrid’s season went up in smoke in six days. Solari’s exit was inevitable but the idea any suitable replacement would take over for 11 La Liga games, with nothing to preside over except the aftermath of a crisis, seemed fanciful. Also Read – Andy Murray to make Grand Slam return at Australian Open”When the president called me the first thing I thought was: go,” said Zidane. Which begs the question: what has changed? Rest may have refreshed motivation, particularly for Zidane, who said himself, “I have never been far away”. He has stayed in Madrid and attended a handful of matches, while three of his sons still play for the club at various levels. For him, the move back might have been less of a leap than it seems from the outside. Yet the greatest lure may be that the team has been failing. For the best coaches, and players, there is always self-belief, a sense that no problem is too big to solve. Zidane knew he would return with more authority than ever, far more even than after he had hoisted a third consecutive Champions League trophy. The suspicion then was that he was just a face, a popular manager to keep the ship steady while star players engineered their own success. As two coaches came and went, Zidane’s stock rose with every chance missed, every seat left empty and every point that Barcelona moved further away. “I returned because the president called me. I love him and I love this club,” he said. “We will change things, for sure, for the years to come.” Zidane could have waited until the summer but the job might not have been available. Jose Mourinho, speaking on his increasingly regular public appearances, seemed eager. Perez was under fire from all directions, from the fans, many of whom blamed the board more than Solari in the newspaper polls, and from the players, led by Sergio Ramos. “The problem is bad planning,” Ramos reportedly shot back during a heated argument with Perez following last week’s defeat to Ajax. A new coach could ease the pressure and one like Zidane, remove it almost completely. “We need to start working on a new glorious era,” said Perez. “That is why we welcome back Zinedine Zidane.” Zidane has three months to decide what needs changing. He arrives under no illusions. Madrid triumphed in Europe but in La Liga last season, Barcelona finished 17 points ahead. Now the gap is 12. “I don’t forget what we won but I also don’t forget the bad things we did all together last year,” he said. The temptation might be to discard a lot and spend even more, but the challenge for Zidane is to find the balance between reform and revolution. A fresh start could bring ousted players in from the cold while progress made by talented youngsters like Vinicius Junior, Sergio Reguilon and Marcos Llorente could quickly be lost. Ronaldo has gone and, while it was unavoidable the team would miss him, others have struggled to fill the void. Gareth Bale and Zidane were barely speaking during the second half of last season and Bale is understood to be less than enthused by the Frenchman’s return. A clean slate is possible but a parting appears more likely. will need to be made too on Marcelo and Isco, who have both endured torrid seasons, while Keylor Navas was once a favourite of Zidane’s, which could spell trouble for Thibaut Courtois. Luka Modric, heavily linked with a move to Italy last summer, may feel it is time for something new. Zidane’s biggest gain is Vinicius, who may not take play again this season as he recovers from an ankle injury, but whose emergence has been Madrid’s one shining light. The 18-year-old has flourished though on the left of a front three, which puts any move for Chelsea’s Eden Hazard in a sticky spot. Neymar or Kylian Mbappe of Paris Saint-Germain will again be touted. “I would like them both,” Perez said playfully on Monday. For now though, Real face Celta Vigo on Saturday, with a squad reunited and spirits lifted. It is like Zidane has never been away.last_img read more


Chilly Weather Persists Throughout Morocco on Sunday

Rabat – Cloudy skies will sweep across Morocco today.Chilly weather will persist with strong winds sometimes east in Tangiers and from north to east on the provinces of the South, east on the Mediterranean, south on the south east and north Morocco, according to today’s forecast by the National Meteorological Directorate.Chilly weather will also sweep the eastern slopes, while low clouds will sweep the northern and central plains and the north of the east with mist or fog. Fairly frequent clouds are expected on the mediterranean, while high clouds are expected in the north, the center and the interior.Minimum temperatures ranging from -1 and 4 degrees Celsius are expected on the eastern slopes and highlands, while temperatures of 4 to 11 degrees Celsius in the east, the Mediterranea, the Saiss, the northern and central plains and the southeastern and and northeastern provinces of the south.Temperatures ranging between 10 and 16 degrees Celsius are also expected in the Souss and the rest of the southern provinces.Maximum temperatures will range between 5 and 32 degrees Celsius.Temperatures between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius are expected on the reliefs, the east, Oules, Tangier, the Mediterranean shore and the south east slopes.Temperatures ranging between 19 and 25 degrees Celsius are also expected on the Saiss, the plains and the north coasts, Rehamna and plains of Tadla.Temperatures between 25 and 32 degrees Celsius are also forecasted for the center, Souss, and the southern provinces. read more


Schumer wants Boeing off FAA committee amid investigations

U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer wants Boeing to be removed from a Federal Aviation Administration rulemaking committee as investigations deepen into both the company and regulator’s role in two deadline airline crashes.Senate Democratic Leader Schumer said that Boeing should be suspended from the Aviation Rulemaking Advisory Committee, which makes recommendations on airline industry regulations. He also wants the membership and activities of the committee to be made public and suggested further reforms to the committee.Congress is looking closely at the relationship between Boeing and the FAA after two recent deadly crashes. Both crashes involved a Boeing jet green-lighted by the U.S. regulator, which relied heavily on safety assessments made by Boeing employees.The FAA declined to comment. A representative for Boeing was not immediately available.The Associated Press read more


Central America under threat from tentacles of drug trade UN debate hears

Drug cartels now threaten the basic stability and social fabric of many Central American countries, Costa Rica’s President told the United Nations today, warning that the battle against narco-trafficking can only be won if nations worldwide overhaul their current strategies.“If we don’t react, we are at risk of being virtually taken by their gangs, with consequences that will transcend local spaces and will turn into a clear challenge to international security,” Laura Chinchilla Miranda said.She told the opening day of the General Assembly’s high-level debate that the illicit drug trade puts in jeopardy the development gains posted by many Central American countries in recent years.“From being just a transit point, due to our geographical location between the great drug producers of the south and the great consumers of the north, ours have been becoming, with different degrees, countries that produce, traffic and consume drugs.“We are not free today of any of the manifestations of the drug trade, which has extended its tentacles to many areas of our social life. Youngsters, in their schools and neighbourhoods, see their future menaced by the easy offer of drugs; our health systems are overwhelmed by the problem of addiction; the integrity of our institutions is menaced by corruption and aggression, and violence reaches never-seen levels.”Ms. Chinchilla Miranda said it was time for countries to both better coordinate their anti-drug strategies and to overhaul their existing policies, many of which had failed.“I call to the highest drug-consuming countries so that they undertake more effective actions against such major problems, and cooperate with the countries suffering from a malaise we have not created.“I make an urgent call for worldwide solidarity in this chore, and for multilateral organizations to develop an agenda more integral in its strategies, more balanced on its resources and responsibilities, and better supervised through its development. If no new efforts germinate in a vigorous manner, we will repent very soon of the inaction.”Panamanian President Ricardo Martinelli Berrocal also sounded the alarm during his address to the General Assembly about the threats posed by narco-trafficking.“For Panama and the Central American region, drugs are our weapons of mass destruction,” he said. “Drug traffickers filter through our land and sea borders in order to pollute our youth with their poison.”Mr. Martinelli Berrocal said the crime problem extended beyond drugs, incorporating trafficking in weapons, human organs and persons, as well as money laundering, illegal migration and terrorism.“The trafficking and possession of illegal weapons has a devastating effect on human security and governability in our countries.”The President noted that members of the Central American Integration System, a regional economic, political and cultural grouping, have decided to set up a regional security coordination centre.“These regional efforts, based in my country, to fight against trans-national organized crime are already yielding encouraging results. We understand that it is vital to work jointly to improve the function of international institutions, for the benefit of humanity.” 23 September 2010Drug cartels now threaten the basic stability and social fabric of many Central American countries, Costa Rica’s President told the United Nations today, warning that the battle against narco-trafficking can only be won if nations worldwide overhaul their current strategies. read more


Bank of Canada daily avg for the Cdn dollar 7969 cents US

The average value for the Canadian dollar on Friday was 79.69 cents US, up 0.23 of a cent from Thursday.The U.S. dollar was at C$1.2549, down 0.36 of a cent.Pound sterling was at C$1.6298, down 0.27 of a cent, and US$1.2987, up 0.15 of a cent.The Euro was at C$1.4632, up 0.28 of a cent.Quotations provided by the Bank of Canada.


Hospital not target of teargas

Hospital staff were among those who protested outside the Badulla hospital today over an accident which had occurred yesterday where a lorry had collided with a man who was supplying oxygen cylinders to the hospital.The man succumbed to his injuries and the lorry was removed from the site of the accident by the police which resulted in the protest today. “The tear-gas was not meant to target the hospital, the doctors or the hospital staff,” the police media unit said. The police media unit said that an investigation has been launched into the canister falling into the hospital premises where patients were also present. The police said that the lorry was removed following information that there was an attempt to set fire to the vehicle.Stones were pelted towards the police during the protest today injuring a senior police officer. The police then fired tear-gas to disperse the crowd. The police say the tear-gas fired on a group of protestors in Badulla today was not targeted at the Badulla hospital.A tear-gas canister had fallen inside the hospital premises at the time the police fired tear-gas on the protesters to disperse them. read more


CPaaS 20 Enterprises Need More Than APIs

WorkerAtDesk_774.png Twilio, Vonage Embrace Email Beth Schultz July 11, 2019 Customer engagement often requires email outreach, and CPaaS providers aim to deliver. Solve Business Challenges with AutomationOnce you put the ability to build applications into the hands of non-developers, you empower them to solve issues they face daily. Marketing, HR, Finance, and Customer Service teams can use communications-embedded workflows and automation to increase productivity, improve customer engagement, and reduce costs. Develop Applications Without Having to CodeWhile open APIs are a must-have with CPaaS, they are targeted toward the developer who is embedding real-time communications into applications. But the ability to solve day-to-day business challenges and improve customer interactions should not be limited to those who know how to code. With out-of-the-box applications and plug-ins, end users can create and integrate workflows without needing to access development resources. Create a Consistent Customer Experience Across ChannelsYou already know that today’s consumers want more options to reach your business other than by phone. You may be providing SMS, email, chat, and social media options but are you providing the same experience through all channels? The answer to that can be “yes” when you can create flows that are integrated across channels and with existing applications. 8×8 Adds CPaaS Platform Through Acquisition Beth Schultz July 18, 2019 Picks up Wavecell, established Asian platform provider, to extend its portfolio with SMS, messaging, voice, video APIs. Access Analytics — Lots of Them, in One PlaceWhen it comes to customer interaction metrics, most CPaaS solutions only show a snapshot of the interaction or need third-party integrations to show the full picture. However, complete visibility and actionable insights should come standard so that enterprises can react faster to changing business conditions without extra development time and costs. Examining the Evolution of Programmable Communications Alan Quayle February 14, 2019 We’re at the beginning of a modular enterprise communications revolution, addressing the critical issues of simplicity, speed, and flexibility. Most providers today are missing the mark. Until now. At IntelePeer we have built our Atmosphere Communications Platform so that enterprises can get the most out of CPaaS and overcome business challenges. Learn more and contact us to get started today!Tags:News & ViewsIntelePeercustomer experienceCPaaSAI & AutomationAPIs & Embedded CommunicationsContact Center & Customer Experience Articles You Might Like As you can see, there is a difference between the legacy CPaaS (CPaaS 1.0) and CPaaS that is built for the enterprise (CPaaS 2.0). How CPaaS Improves Enterprise Communication Experiences Patrick Harper July 11, 2019 Embedding communications into processes and workflows changes customer and employee experiences for the better. This is where CPaaS 2.0 comes in: It goes beyond APIs and integration and delivers programmable communications with the flexibility, customization, and ease of use that enterprises truly need to create a better customer experience and improve processes. CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service) is everywhere these days – and for good reason! This next wave of innovation is disrupting user experiences with communications embedded in applications for real-time interactions. While CPaaS traditionally has been targeted toward developers and digital-native companies, enterprises need more than APIs to tackle digital transformation. As a bonus, the analytics solution should include AI functionality such as sentiment analysis, so you can better manage communications flows, how calls are routed, and gain a deeper understanding of your customers’ needs and the experience they are having with your company and products. Supercharge Your Enterprise Communications with CPaaS Bandwidth February 20, 2019 Adding communications functionality via APIs can provide enterprises a boon, but not all offerings are equal. See All in CPaaS » read more


UN head in Kosovo ends term

In a statement issued by a spokesman at UN headquarters in New York, Mr. Annan expressed his gratitude for Mr. Steiner’s contributions to the UN effort in Kosovo and commended “his hard work and dedication.”Mr. Steiner, a senior German diplomat who is to become his country’s ambassador to the UN in Geneva, was the third Special Representative and head of the United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) since it was established in 1999, following Hans Haekkerup of Denmark and Bernard Kouchner of France. His successor will be announced in the near future and the Principal Deputy Senior Representative, Charles Brayshaw of the United States, will act as Officer-in-Charge in the interim. In his final report to the Security Council last week he said Kosovo was now moving towards the standards that will define its place in Europe, and multi-ethnicity was gradually improving, a testimony to the work UNMIK is conducting in the province. “When I arrived a year and a half ago, there was no government – despite successful general elections,” he said. “One hundred and fifty-three prisoners from the war were still held in Serbia. In the northern part of Mitrovica, there was a legal vacuum and turbulence. More members of minority communities were leaving Kosovo than returning. Pristina and Belgrade did not talk,” he added. UNMIK had succeeded in putting together a multi-ethnic government and police force, bringing back prisoners of war, administering parts where there were no regular police patrols and reversing the negative trend in returns, he said. But he warned: “A lot more work is required for Kosovo to become a truly multi-ethnic society. The slowness of returns and integration remains our most serious shortcoming.” read more


Drilling forecast to be released

by Mike Tarasko Posted Nov 18, 2015 7:10 am MDT Drilling forecast to be released AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email We’ll get another look at how low oil prices are affecting the energy industry Wednesday morning.The Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors will be releasing its 2016 Drilling Forecast.In January 2015, the CAODC predicted drilling would shrink to a daily average of 206 active rigs this year.In its latest report, the actual number came in at 191, down from 370 in 2014. read more


Hundreds gather for church service for missing April Jones

first_imgAROUND A THOUSAND people have gathered at a special church service for missing Welsh five-year-old April Jones.The streets of Machynlleth in Powys were thronged with people making their way to St. Peter’s Church.April was last seen on Monday when she was seen getting into a vehicle while out playing with friends. The search for her continues as fears grow that she will not be found alive.Former lifeguard Mark Bridger was yesterday charged with her abduction and murder. He will appear in court in Aberystwyth. He’s a local man and is known to the Jones family.April’s parents were not in attendance at today’s service. Another service was also held at the local leisure centre for rescue workers.last_img read more


Conditions at Tipperary hospital undignified disgraceful and dangerous

first_imgConditions at Tipperary hospital ‘undignified, disgraceful and dangerous’ This morning there were 378 patients on trolleys in Irish hospitals. Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Image: bed image via Shutterstock Wednesday 7 Dec 2016, 1:00 PM Image: bed image via Shutterstock By Michelle Hennessy Short URL 11,641 Views 35 Comments Share147 Tweet Email4 BED SHORTAGES ACROSS the country are continuing to cause serious problems in hospitals, health professionals have said.This morning there were 378 patients on trolleys in Irish hospitals. Speaking to RTÉ’s Morning Ireland, Professor Paul O’Regan, Consultant Physician at South Tipperary General said there were 30 patients on trolleys at his hospital.He described conditions there as “dreadful for patients, it’s undignified, disgraceful, dangerous for patients”.It’s impossible almost for staff to work to an adequate, safe level and it puts tremendous pressure on the nurses, paramedical staff and doctors.O’Regan said the conditions also make recruitment and retainment of staff difficult because “people burn out and give up and move on elsewhere”. Just last week seven senior nurses left the hospital, he said.The bed shortage at South Tipperary General is the result of cuts to bed numbers nationally and the closure of the level 3 hospital in Nenagh, according to O’Regan.“We are effectively the acute hospital for much of Tipperary.”He said the process of addressing the problem was a “painful” one and that a solution would probably take years to put in place because of the red tape involved.Yesterday, the Mater Hospital in Dublin asked the public, where possible, to attend their GP or the Rapid Injury Clinic in Smithfield for minor injuries rather than going to the Emergency Department. The hospital said it was experiencing “very high numbers and protracted wait times”.Today, O’Regan had similar advice for patients in Tipperary.“If you have a very acute illness, come to us and we’ll look after you. If you’ve anything that will wait, go to a private hospital and pay, because all of the public hospitals in Munster are in similar – if not quite as bad – situations.”Read: There has actually been a slight drop in people on hospital trolleys this year>Read: Elderly woman spends 15 hours on hospital trolley> Dec 7th 2016, 1:00 PM last_img read more


Adult dance classes

first_imgThe Institute of Hellenic Dance and Culture in Sydney is calling all Greek dancing enthusiasts to sign up for their new classes this year. This year all ages are invited, but a special call out is open for adult dancers at all levels. Classes will start in February every Tuesday night from 7.00 pm for beginners at the Scout Hall on Karne Street, Roselands North – opposite Grove Ave. Thursday nights will be for advanced adult classes from 7.30 pm at St Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church Hall, 203-207 Livingstone Rd, Marrickville. Junior classes on Thursday nights will start before the adult ones from 6.30 pm, while 5-12 year olds will have Friday nights from 6.00 pm at Illion Association Hall – 279 Forest Rd (cnr Princess St) Bexley. For more information and to book, call 0407 081 875 or email Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more


Hadopi une révision du mode de fonctionnement de la Haute Autorité à

first_imgHadopi : une révision du mode de fonctionnement de la Haute Autorité à prévoirDu changement se profile pour la Hadopi. Mais celui-ci se fera en concertation avec les différents acteurs de l’économie numérique.Alors que la Hadopi va faire l’objet d’une révision par le nouveau gouvernement, la ministre déléguée à l’Economie numérique, Fleur Pellerin, a décidé d’organiser une réunion de concertation sur ce point avant l’été.Mme Pellerin a souligné que le gouvernement ne souhaitait pas user de la répression sur cette question liée à l’industrie culturelle. Lors des 6 prochains mois, le gouvernement va réfléchir à la mise en place prochaine de l’Acte II de l’exception culturelle en consultation avec l’ensemble des acteurs du secteur mais aussi en présence de représentants des consommateurs.La ministre de la Culture, Aurélie Filipetti, a révélé ce lundi matin sur France Inter la mise en place d’un futur calendrier qui permettra de discuter des différents thèmes liés à la Hadopi. La ministre a précisé : “la Hadopi n’a pas permis de dégager de l’argent pour les cinéastes. Il n’y a jamais eu d’associations des auteurs, des internautes sur le sujet, c’est pourquoi un Acte II est nécessaire”. Mme Filipetti a ajouté : “le système de sanction s’est révélé inefficace et négatif du point de vue du message qu’on veut faire passer. Jusqu’à présent, on a opposé les artistes et les internautes”.D’une seule voix, la ministre déléguée à l’Economie numérique et la ministre de la Culture ont balayé la poursuite d’une logique de repression visant les internautes. Ce qui semble indiquer que le fonctionnement de l’Hadopi pourrait changer en profondeur lors des prochains mois. Le 21 mai 2012 à 15:41 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more


Alaskans arrested in antiKavanaugh protest at US Senate

first_imgAlaskans protesting the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court were arrested Tuesday morning outside the D.C. office of Sen. Dan Sullivan. It’s a sign of the mounting tension in the Senate, where a hearing is scheduled for Thursday on a 36-year-old sexual assault allegation, which Kavanaugh vehemently denies.Listen nowSuzanne Walsh of Anchorage said she was proud to get arrested. (Photo: Liz Ruskin)Even hours after her arrest, Suzanne Walsh of Anchorage still wore the plastic ID band the police put on her wrist, and she clutched her charging documents.“They wrote ‘mass arrest.’ I believe that’s civil disobedience,” Walsh said. “There’s a word for when you block the hall.”Walsh flew to Washington, courtesy of an advocacy group called Center of Popular Democracy, to tell both Alaska senators not to vote for Kavanaugh. She and other protesters filed into Sullivan’s waiting room. He wasn’t available. Walsh says they chose to stay.“Then we decided to just start telling our stories that we wanted to tell him personally, anyway,” she said.Many had stories of abuse they and their family members had suffered. They sang and chanted.A spokesman for Sullivan says the senator was at a hearing at the time and says no one from his office called the cops. But there are rules about protesting in the Hart Senate Office Building, and a limit on how many people are allowed in Sullivan’s reception area.Capitol Police came and arrested the protesters in the hallway outside the senator’s office suite.Walsh said about 15 people were arrested. She’s not sure how many were Alaskans, but she said she was proud to be among them.“All day today I felt my mother’s energy, and my sister’s energy and my grandmother’s energy. None of them are alive anymore,” Walsh said. “They were all abused in their lifetimes, in unspeakable ways. And my sister committed suicide because of it. So yeah. I felt proud.”She paid a $50 fine and was free in time for an afternoon protest outside Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s office.Molly Haigh of Fairbanks helped organize the demonstration outside Sen. Murkowski’s office. Photo by Liz Ruskin.Molly Haigh, originally from Fairbanks, helped organize that demonstration. She says a lot of Alaska girls are young when they suffer sexual abuse, like Christine Blasey Ford was when Kavanaugh allegedly attacked her. Haigh says many girls don’t feel they’ll be believed.“And I want a world where all teenage girls believe that we’re going to care, even 50 years later,” Haigh said. “I wish somebody had told me that when I was 15 years old, and I want to tell every Alaskan girl that: that we are fighting because we want you to matter, today and tomorrow and in 50 years.”Haigh says she thinks Murkowski is receptive to their message.“Oh, 100 percent. I think that if there’s one thing we’ve seen today it’s that Sen. Murkowski has been more aggressive than any other Republican senator about an FBI investigation to try to find out more information,” Haigh said.But Murkowski isn’t actually calling for a FBI  investigation. In the morning, the senator sounded like she might be.  She told CNN, “It would sure clear up all the questions, wouldn’t it?”.@mkraju Should there be a full FBI investigation into allegations from Kavanaugh’s past?Sen. @lisamurkowski: “It would sure clear up all the questions, wouldn’t it?”— Jake Tapper (@jaketapper) September 25, 2018Murkowski struck a different note with me.“The response that I made was perhaps somewhat flip in that if there was an investigation here, there wouldn’t be as many questions,” the senator said.Murkowski said few people realize the Senate Judiciary Committee staff has continued to investigate.“And that part of the information gathering process, I don’t think has been clearly articulated,” she said.Among the other Alaskans arrested outside Sullivan’s office was Fred John of Delta Junction. He’s 75 years old and wore a sweatshirt printed with a photo of his mother.“My mom is Katie John,” he said. “She fought for our way of life for over 30 years and she came out pretty good, and we want to keep it that way.”Fred John said he worries Kavanaugh could undermine the Supreme Court’s Katie John decision that guarantees important subsistence rights. John said he was happy to get cuffed for a cause and said this wasn’t his first arrest for political protesting.“In 1967, I was in L.A. and I marched with the black people, and we got beat up,” John said. But, he added, this time the police were very gentle and polite.last_img read more

Biker pillion rider killed in Dinajpur

first_imgProthom Alo illustrationA motorcyclist and his pillion passenger were killed as a truck hit their bike on Dinajpur-Phulbari highway at Kauga intersection in Sadar upazila early Monday, reports UNB.The deceased were Amij Ali, a resident of Bontara area in Sadar upazila and Abdus Samad, a resident of Amtoli area in Chirirbandar upazila.Bazlur Rashid, inspector of Kotwali police station, said the accident took place around 5:00am when the Phulbari-bound truck hit the motorcycle around 5:30am, leaving the duo dead on the spot.On information, police recovered the bodies.last_img read more


Wii U hardware What we know so far

first_imgWhen Nintendo announced the Wii U, they went out of their way to minimize the console itself. All of the focus was on the controller, and its ability to change the way you play games in front of your TV or elsewhere in your home. However, a spec sheet has emerged from the Nintendo E3 press package that details the specs of the Wii U in great detail.The Wii U console looks like the image here, snipped from a few of the promo shots for the Wii U shown at E3. It’s about 1.8 inches tall, 6.8 inches wide, and 10.5 inches long, according to the sheet, and as expected, got a significant graphics upgrade. The Wii U can dish out 1080p HD graphics as well as standard def, and can connect to your television via HDMI, component, S-video, and composite. HDMI is also used for audio, but if you’re not using HDMI you also get standard AV out ports.The Wii U will also have internal flash memory, and like its predecessor, you can pop in an SD card for additional storage. You’ll also be able to attach an external USB drive to one of the four USB 2.0 ports on the device.Under the hood, the Wii U will use an IBM PowerPC-based multi-core processor. The Wii U will also support up to four controllers, including the Classic Controller, the Wii Remote (or Wii Remote Plus) and other peripherals like the Wii Balance Board.The controller, on the other hand, got the majority of the focus today. It sports a 6.2-inch touch-screen capable of displaying video at 16:9 aspect ratio. It’s resolution isn’t noted, but we highly doubt its pixel density is deep enough for the equivalent of HD video. The controller has two analog circle and two left/right thumb buttons on each side. There’s a standard D-pad and A/B/X/Y buttons on the controller as well.Nintendo also dropped an accelerometer, gyroscope, VGA camera, microphone, and speakers in the controller, as well as a touch-sensitive sensor strip in addition to the touch-sensitive screen. The screen can be used by tapping it or with the included stylus that can be stashed in the side of the controller.The Wii U will reportedly not include a Blu-Ray player, and the screen will not support multi-touch gestures, according to a GameTrailers interview with Nintendo of America President and CEO Reggie Fils-Aime. Pricing is yet to be determined, but it will be priced in line with the current prices of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The Wii U will also be backwards compatible with current Wii games, although it won’t upscale them to high-definition.via Redditlast_img read more


Guatemalan Supreme Court justice commits suicide

first_imgGUATEMALA CITY – Guatemalan Supreme Court Justice César Barrientos, known for revoking dozens of death penalty sentences in a single year, committed suicide Sunday, reportedly shooting himself in the head.Relatives said the incident occurred as Barrientos rode in the back of his car with two bodyguards, in the southwestern town of San Francisco Zapotitlán, according to local media.“I confirm that he arrived [at the hospital] with a shot to the temple, but later died of the wound,” fellow Justice Héctor Manfredo Maldonado told the state-run Guatemalan News Agency, known as AGN.In 2012, the Supreme Court’s criminal chamber, led by Barrientos, revoked 53 death-penalty sentences on the ground that they violated prisoners’ “due process” and replaced them with 50-year prison sentences, the maximum allowed in the country.The Guatemalan daily Prensa Libre reported that Barrientos attempted suicide a few months ago.Barrientos “spent most of his career working on justice issues and strengthening the Guatemalan legal framework, encouraging and directing major reforms in this sector,” the U.S. Embassy said in a Spanish-language statement.Human rights activists also expressed their regrets.Police and prosecutors are investigating the death. Facebook Comments Related posts:Turning a Mayan doll gift idea into a small business that helps communities Clash over development plans leaves 8 dead in Guatemala Guatemala’s Pérez Molina says he’s ‘calm’ as impeachment storm swirls around him Guatemala elections marred by tensions as parties herd voters to other constituencieslast_img read more

Tourism entrepreneurs oppose license royalty payments to canopy patent holder

first_imgRelated posts:Construction of Discovery Costa Rica set to begin in 2018 Only 17 cantons will enforce dry law during Holy Week Tourism Chamber: Please support businesses outside Poás safety perimeter Renovation of Hotel Costa Rica sparks criticism A new chapter has begun in a long-running Costa Rican tourism business controversy: The Civil Chamber of the Supreme Court, orSala I, has ruled that the Canadian national Darren Hreniuk is the sole owner of the exclusive rights of commercial explotation in Costa Rica of ziplining, or canopy. Hreniuk patented the recreational system widely used by many tourism businesses.In a ruling announced last week, justices affirmed that the patent should be returned to Hreniuk, after the National Registry in 2004 withdrew it following a lengthy legal process.Hreniuk said he built the first canopy system in the early 90s in Monteverde. In 1996, he applied for a patent on the system, and the National Registry granted him the exclusive patent rights for 20 years starting on Oct. 20, 1998.He patented what he described as a “gravity-propelled top forest transportation system, using harnesses and pulleys over a simple horizontal line, known as a canopy.”Legal complaintIn 2001, a group of tourism entrepreneurs who had built their own canopy systems and begun to offer tours asked that the patent be revoked. The National Registry accepted the petition, but later an Administrative Court reverted the patent cancellation, arguing that it had several procedural errors.The National Registry corrected all those errors and in 2004 canceled the patent again. Hreniuk then appealed the Administrative Court ruling with a lawsuit against the State of Costa Rica and all companies offering canopy tours here.On May 19, Sala I Justices ruled in favor of Hreniuk. The ruling also said that the State of Costa Rica will have to compensate him for the economic damage caused since 2005.The exact figure of the compensation will be estimated and disclosed by experts in coming months. Darren Hreniuk claims Costa Rica’s National Registry granted him an exclusive patent for exclusive commercial exploitation of canopy systems for 20 years starting on Oct. 20, 1998. (Courtesy of Darren Hreniuk)Licenses and royaltiesHreniuk’s lawyer, Jorge Mario Marín, said in a public statement that the “illegal cancellation of the patent prevented his client from the exclusive commercial exploitation of his invention.” It also prevented him from collecting royalties from all tourism companies that have been profiting from his invention, he said.As a patent holder, Hreniuk now demands that owners of all canopy businesses operating in Costa Rica apply for a license to keep offering their tours. They will also have to negotiate with him the payment of royalties, which he has set at $15 for every foreign tourist and $10 for locals.Marín noted that business owners have 15 business days, starting June 1, to file a request for a commercial license. Otherwise they will be exposed to legal actions ranging from the removal of all websites promoting the tours, to the closure of their businesses, the lawyer said.Tourism sector opposes paymentsIsabel Vargas, president of the National Tourism Chamber (CANATUR), said that the ruling will hurt not only adventure tourism businesses but the entire tourism sector in the country.“This situation seriously affects tourism: there are more than 100 companies offering canopy tours, and Costa Rica is widely recognized as a big adventure tourism destination,” Vargas said in a written response.CANATUR leaders and legal advisers met with a group of some 50 tourism entrepreneurs on Thursday to discuss the situation. The group agreed that at this time, they “will not contact Hreniuk to negotiate licenses or the payment of royalties.”Chamber leaders also called on all entrepreneurs to refrain from taking individual actions or contacting Hreniuk until its lawyers issue a full technical evaluation of the ruling.They also recommended waiting for the legal actions that CANATUR will introduce in the coming days to oppose Hreniuk’s intentions to collect royalties on each person taking a canopy tour here.“Entrepreneurs are very, very concerned about the consequences of collecting royalties from their tariffs,” Vargas said.Chamber leaders and business owners will meet again this coming Thursday to define legal actions they will take in order to protect their businesses.According to Hreniuk’s lawyer, his client holds patent rights not only in Costa Rica, but also in the Bahamas, Mexico, Jamaica and Belize, and the team is also amid negotiations with Caribbean cruise ship companies in order to demand the use only of canopy systems built by Hreniuk. CANATUR leaders and legal advisers met with a group tourist entrepreneurs on June 1 to discuss the implications of the Sala I ruling and the possible actions they will take. (Via CANATUR)Canopy invention CANATUR’s Vargas said that at last week’s meeting, entrepreneurs dismissed Hreniuk’s claims about the invention of canopy.“Some of them said there is no extraordinary invention regarding something that has historically been practiced here and in many other parts of the world for decades,” she said.In 2015, The Tico Times published the story of Donald Perry, a California grad student who pioneered new methods for climbing into and moving around the rain forest canopy. Pictures of him using a ziplining system appear on his 1986 book, “Life Above the Jungle Floor.”“In 1979 I used three emergent trees to build the world’s first canopy zipline at Finca La Selva,” he told The Tico Times in an email. “It was made with a thousand feet of rope.”The 2015 piece recounted that Hreniuk approached Perry with the idea of putting in ziplines at a local lodge around 1994. However, Perry, focused on more sophisticated ways of moving people through the canopy, wasn’t interested in building more ziplines.Perry was even called as a witness when Hreniuk sued other canopy operators for infringement.“Darren was there, saying, ‘I invented them,’” Perry recalled. “I said, ‘You didn’t invent them, I invented them. And they’re in the public domain.’”Read the full story: Was Recreational Ziplining Really Invented In Costa Rica? Yes, Indeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed Facebook Commentslast_img read more