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Inside Conditions…Stormy Monday

first_imgFirst things first, let’s discuss why there is even a quarterback controversy at all. Let’s reexamine the root of irresponsible behavior over the years by “Big” Ben Roethlisberger that has precipitated not one but two ill-advised decisions that have directly affected his playing status and the wholeness of his team. The off the field actions by No. 7 revolved around and continue to be centered on the concept of self, self, self.Realistically, there should be no despair in “Mudville” because the “loot” fairy flew in from the Steelers lair with the ink on a contract worth well over 100 million “clams” to Big Ben. There should have been included somewhere in the fine print little things like, no riding on motorcycles helmetless and hanging out with strange females without a chaperone or at least a witness or two.Remember when Big Ben was involved in a near fatal motorcycle accident on June12, 2006 that left him with a broken jaw and other injuries? When the Steelers kicked off the season in September, Big Ben was still not fully recovered and was not under center. Charlie Batch promptly dispatched the Miami Dolphins in primetime on a Thursday night which featured new NBC football analyst, ex-Steelers running back Jerome Bettis high stepping onto the football field in street clothes.Roethlisberger began to lobby for his reinsertion into the starting lineup and eventually convinced someone, ex-head coach Bill Cowher, the team doctor or a combination of the two that his visual perception was okay and he was ready to play. Well, well, well, he then went into the “black hole” of the Oakland Raiders and promptly threw two picks that were returned for TDs in a very nasty but tasty 20-13 win for the hapless Silver and Black. The loss possibly kept Pittsburgh out of the playoffs.Hit fast forward to 2010; one alleged sexual assault case dismissed, another still pending. If it were not for the personal improprieties of Roethlisberger there would be no quarterback controversy. QBs Charlie Batch and Dennis Dixon would still be taking turns holding the clipboard on the sidelines and current No. 2, Byron Leftwich, would be auditioning as a sidearm knuckleball pitchers for the Dodgers, (don’t get hyped Leftwich fans, just kidding). Consequences of one’s behavior should not penalize a team or even an entire city.Pittsburgh began the 2010 preseason by defeating the Detroit Lions, by a rain laden, soggy bottom score of 23-7. “Cuss” words from an official came down just as hard as the storm that dumped sheets of water on the Steelers faithful and delayed the game for over an hour. From the beginning the “Benwatch” was on. Mike Tomlin started Byron Leftwich, the quarterback who, in all probability, will begin the regular season sitting in the first chair. Leftwich completed a less than stellar 6 of 10 passes for 43 yards. He had a couple of “questionable” misses. He was relieved by Dennis Dixon who appeared to be razor sharp completing 6 of 7 passes for 128 yards and a score. Dixon also utilized his legs with 6 rushes for 31 yards. In what may have been his last or next to his last hurrah for Pittsburgh, Charlie Batch came in with 4:12 remaining in the game to finish off the Lions.This year will most likely go down as more than just a season that spotlighted the roles that backup players attempted to fulfill or failed to fulfill.The 2010 season will also profile the hasty decision by the Steelers to trade one of their bonafide playmakers and rising NFL star Santonio Holmes to the New York Jets. The Holmes deal was supposedly based on behavior that was below Steelers “character” standards and detrimental to the team. Whose behavior has been more detrimental than that of Roethlisberger? There will be a “domino effect in 2010. Holmes may have been the scapegoat of all the “Big Ben distractions because Pittsburgh dealt Holmes to an AFC opponent for almost peanuts. The Jets will visit the friendly confines of Heinz Field Dec. 9. On that day, the Steelers Nation had better hope and pray that their terrible” towels won’t have to be utilized as crying towels. Pittsburgh also has two storied but rapidly aging linebackers, James Farrior and Larry Foote, competing for a starting spot but in reality those two players should be competing just to make the final roster. The NFL is not “tinseltown.” No team can go “back to the future” because when any team attempts to do that, “Stormy Mondays” will always be the result of “shaky Sunday’s.”(Aubrey Bruce can be reached at: abruce@new­ or 412-583-6741.) There is a buzz zipping through Steelers Nation faster than the scalpel of a plastic surgeon in Hollywood. What is all of the chatter about you ask? Duh, it’s all about the quarterback controversy bubbling up in the town of a zillion Iron City “brewski’s” as well as other player personnel issues.last_img read more


I guess it’s cool to hate the Miami Heat again

first_imgWhen LeBron James and company rolled into Philips Arena this season to play the Atlanta Hawks I was shocked by what I saw. I was shocked by just how well the Heat played together, but I was even more shocked that the crowd was almost unanimously behind them. Atlanta sports fans’ historically fickle support for their teams aside, it was truly head scratching just how ubiquitously fans had come to accept and embrace this once loathsome team.I asked Dwyane Wade about the sea change of fans in visiting arenas from the first year the Heat’s Big 3 – Wade, James and Chris Bosh – had gotten together.“Pssh!” Wade laughed. “Total opposite. We’d get booed from start to finish [in 2011-12]. Now we’ve changed the mindset. We just play the way the fans like it.”The Heat’s style of play hasn’t changed, but if you check Twitter, Facebook or any other social networking platform, the fan’s taste for it certainly has.Many people will tell you that they’ve hated the Heat all along, and in some cases that’s true. But for the most part it appears that the hate pendulum has already swung back against them. Last night “Spurs in 6” was a trending topic and folks, from everyday Joes to verified Twitter profiles who had been swearing their undying allegiance to the Indiana Pacers, were announcing plans to go out and purchase all the San Antonio Spurs gear they could get their hands on the next day.Some of my favorite tweets from last night:“I’m coming int @NewEraLA tomorrow to get a Spurs hat. Im taking my Bulls & Pacers hats to Goodwill in the AM. These playoffs are killing me” – Michael Rapaport (@MichaelRapaport)“The #Spurs built their big three, the #Heat bought theirs. Now we’ll see which way is truly better. #NBA” – Manuel Avila Jr ‏(@ManuelAvilaJr)“I hope the Spurs beat the Heat just to make Erik Spoelstra’s paper route extra uncomfortable.” – Jeb Lund (@Mobute)“Ben!! No! RT @Ben_Patton: The Pacers may have lost the series but they won my respect. Now cheering for Heat to take the Spurs!” – Eva Longoria (@EvaLongoria)Interesting that Eva Longoria is still a Spurs fan…But the best tweet of the night and the one that best encapsulated the spirit of the evening had to be:“Suddenly, rooting for the Spurs” – Things White People Like (@Things4WhitePpl).But why? Or more specifically, how? How has the tide of popular opinion swung so quickly and so violently against the Heat? Or have the trolls just been silent all season, waiting until the finals to announce their unrepentant disdain?The Heat haven’t been helped by celebrity endorsements from Floyd “Money” Mayweather, Ochocinco and this gentleman, but this isn’t a new phenomenon.I’ve held a theory for a while that Americans hate greatness; more accurately, Americans hate dominance. In most things, but particularly in sports, we hate the idea that someone or some entity is unbeatable or that there is a force incapable of being toppled. We like to think that, like us in our everyday, mundane existence, even superstar athletes are fellable and that everyone has a chance.Still, I’m a bit puzzled by how quickly everyone has turned on Miami after only one championship. I mean, they’re still playing the same brand of fun basketball they were during the season. And they’re only going for two, not three, not four, not five, not six… by  Dion Rabouin Dion Rabouin is digital editor of the Atlanta Daily World. He can be reached by email at You can also follow him on Twitter @DionRabouin.last_img read more


Tahiti run over Solomon Islands 36-12

first_imgBoth teams looked for early points from penalties but both kickers were off target.Tahiti scored the first points from a line out which saw them go short and attack the blind side for Jean Francois Tautu to run through and score.Solomon Islands replied immediately when Castro Tuhakiu grabbed the first try to level up. An unsuccessful conversion left the score at 5-5.Tahiti scored right before half time when Taiteari Mahuru was given some space and crashed over to score.Kicker Anthony Tesquet failed to add the extras for the third time in the game. This left the score at 36-10 at half time.Tahiti stepped up their game in the second half of play scoring first through Patrick Tevero from a maul that allowed him to cross over.Tesquet made sure of the kick this time slotting in the extras.Solomon Islands managed a try not long after through some fancy footwork from Chris Saru to score on the wing. This put them right back in the game after the conversion sailed through the posts at 17-12.But two more tries for Tahiti sealed the win for them.last_img read more


Liberia’s E-Government Initiatives

first_imgIn my last article on e-government, I defined and discussed e-government and the stages involved in achieving it, according to the studies by the United Nations, The World Bank, Gartner Group, et al. I also referenced Liberia’s ranking in the 2014 UN E-government Survey based on what is considered the country’s de facto national website: e-Mansion.Gov.Lr. I then went on to list the benefits of e-government as well as its advantages and disadvantages. In today’s article, I shall discuss Liberia’s e-government initiatives; tasks and activities that are being or have been implemented to ensure the materialization of e-government in Liberia. Ostensibly, this article is not an exhaustive review of Liberia’s e-government initiatives. It would take more than a newspaper article to expound on the all of Liberia’s e-Government initiatives. But the intent here is to provide insight into the progress being made by the Government of Liberia or GoL, to transform the way it delivers services and information to “consumers of public administration” (Citizens, Businesses, Government entities, Government employees). In the following paragraphs, I briefly discuss the GoL’s Enterprise Architecture Framework, ”Draft E-Government Strategy”, Chief Information Office (CIO), CIO Regime, The Project Management Office (PMO), the .Gov.Lr second level domain policy, the role of our funding partners and the planned Shared Services Center (SSC). • Enterprise Architecture: Enterprise Architecture or EA, provides a “blueprint” for a systematic and consummate way of defining an organization’s current (baseline) and its desired (target) environment. EAs are necessary for the evolution of information systems and the development of new systems that optimize the mission of an organization. There are plethora of EA frameworks but four of them are widely used. These four most popular frameworks are: the Zachman Framework (taxonomy), The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) which espouses a process, the Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA) which is a methodology, and the Gartner Enterprise Architecture framework which espouses a “practice.” • Liberia’s EA framework is based on the Federal Enterprise Architecture, used by United States Government to unite its myriad agencies and functions under a single common and ubiquitous enterprise architecture. Even though this framework is ideal for Liberia, much has not been done in terms of operationalizing it. For example, a Chief Architect is required to lead a team of Enterprise Architects, but there is neither a Chief Architect, nor a team of Enterprise Architects. Hopefully in the future we will have one put in place. • E-Government Strategy: Liberia has a “Draft e-Government Strategy that is currently requires Cabinet endorsement. The e-Government strategy is a guide to shows us “where we are currently”, “where we ultimately want to be”, and “what we need to do to reach there.” The strategy is in fact a milestone in the evolution of e-Government in Liberia. The strategy outlines five key elements: Citizen-Centered, Efficiency, Productivity, Infrastructure, and Governance. In addition, ten key outcomes that are necessary for the achievement of the strategy’s vision are also suggested. These outcomes will be discussed in a subsequent article on the “Draft e-Government Strategy.” The strategy also listed twenty three targets/projects that are to be implemented by stakeholders of the Liberian Government. These projects will also be discussed in a subsequent article. • eLiberia: An official Government of Liberia web portal is being developed to provide a “one-stop shop” for the delivery of services and information to “customers of public administration.” This initiative is currently at “Phase I” of the e-government development life cycle. • Chief Information Office, R.L.: The Chief Information Office headed by the Chief Information Officer, was established through a mandate of the National Telecommunications and ICT Policy 2010-2015. The CIO is the “governing” arm of the e-Government programs. The CIO is responsible for the identification of e-government projects for implementation by the Project Management Office (PMO). The Chief Information Office is currently located at the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications. • CIO Regime: The CIO Council or Regime which needs to be finalized, consists of CIOs or IT heads of the various Ministries Agencies, Commissions/Corporation (MACs). The structure for the CIO Regime has been put in place and is pending action by the Civil Service Agency (CSA) and other stakeholders. • Project Management Office: The Project Management Office or PMO is the office mandated by the National Telecommunication and ICT Policy 2010-2015 to implement all GoL’s e-government programs as identified by the Chief Information Office. The PMO is a new unit within the Department of Technical Services and ICT at the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications. • .Gov.Lr Domain Policy: The Policy developed by the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications requires all Government of Liberia Ministries, Agencies, and Commissions/Corporations (MACs) to utilize the official second level domain of the Liberian Government which is the .Gov.Lr domain (i.e.: www.MoPT.Gov.Lr). Currently, this is being managed by the Chief Information Office, through the Chief Information Officer, Republic of Liberia. Sadly, though, there are still many MACs that yet to adopt this standard. We refer to those sites as “non-standardized website.” • Shared Services Center: A Shared Services Center (SSC) is to be built with the assistance of the USAID-GEMS. Shared services are cost-efficient because they centralize back-office operations that are used by multiple agencies of Government and eliminate redundancy. The SSC will be used for finance, human resources management (HRM) and information technology (IT) and other e-government programs. Its delivery model will allow each MAC to focus its limited resources on activities that support its business goals. The purchase of the equipment (servers, computers, power back-ups, etc.) for the SSC is being done by USAID-GEMS and management of the center will be done by GoL IT staff through the Chief Information Office and the Project Management Office. • Funding Partners: Our funding partners have played a significant role in the development of our ICT sector and in particular, our e-Government Programs. For example, USAID-GEMS has been has been providing assistance in the development of the e-Government strategy, the enterprise architecture, the Government ICT Handbook and many other ICT and e-government projects. On the other hand, the World Bank, through WARCIP-Liberia which is being managed by the Liberia Telecommunications Authority (LTA), has been very resourceful in ensuring the GoL e-government programs are a reality. It is responsible for the setting up of the Project Management Office (PMO) at the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications as well as the development of the country’s national web portal; a one stop-shop for the delivery of government services and information to citizens, businesses, government itself and government employees. Other funding partners have been involved in one way or the other. Due to space limitations, I cannot list them all.Finally, I am aware that I may have omitted a lot of Liberia’s e-government initiatives, but the ones listed above are major achievements that the GoL has made through the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (MoPT), Liberia Telecommunications Authority (LTA) and LIBTELCO. There is still a lot more to that needs to be done in order to achieve an ideal e-government environment. But for now, this is what we have achieved and hopefully we will continue making progress for the improvement of the sector, the government, and the country. 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Distraught Man Questions God after 2nd Baby Mother Dies

first_imgA young man identified only as Prince, fainted upon receiving news of the death of his baby’s mother. When he recovered later, he had questions for and made appeals to God as well as any human being who might be responsible for his recurring distress.Prince fainted in a tricycle, called a kiakia. After sympathizers struggled to get him out, they applied water and isopropyl (alcohol) to stabilize him. When he came to, he was carried to a secure place on Clay Street in Monrovia.As several people held him down, urging him to let God take control of the situation, he threw his hands towards heaven and asked, “God what have I done to you?” That question elicited tears from by standers when they learned that the deceased was the second ‘baby mother’ Prince had lost to death.Lamenting over his ordeal and in a tone of apology to an unidentified but perceived enemy, Prince shouted, “If I have done anything to anyone as the cause of my suffering, I beg you to forgive me.” Although living in a society where men rarely break down in tears over death or other tragedies that easily cause women to take refuge in tears, Prince wept sorrowfully, unable to bear the agony of the deaths of the mothers of his two babies.Roseline was the mother of his second child born three months ago. She was always sick, and treatments did not work to restore her health. His first woman gave birth to the first child but died several months later in 2015. An ongoing church crusade at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium, where the organizers promised faith healing, persuaded the family to send Roseline there last Sunday but eyewitnesses told the Daily Observer that although Roseline looked good physically, she could not be helped.“I saw the skin on her hands peeling at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium,” a young woman said. “They just finished with her; that’s how they treat people.”She said this in reference to witchcraft, enemies from the underworld who are blamed when death comes so suddenly – for Roseline was less than twenty years old.Meanwhile, as Prince went in and out of fainting spells, at one point he regained his equilibrium and pleaded with God that he wanted to die and be buried by his beloved Roseline.Early motherhood has complications and in a society where young pregnant women would have to be encouraged to get maternity support at a local clinic or hospital, such complications after birth cannot be ruled out.An online report says every year over 500,000 women die from pregnancy and childbirth complications and for every woman who dies, approximately 20 others develop infections and severe disabling problems – adding up to more than 10 million women affected each year in the developing countries, including Liberia. Recent reports quoting Ministry of Health statistics suggest a reduction in infant and maternal deaths because of access to and use of family planning services in major cities in Liberia. A major problem facing pregnant adolescent women is complications such as eclampsia, premature labor, prolonged labor, obstructed labor, fistula, anemia and death, according to the report.While the report said a pregnant adolescent under 15 years of age faces substantially increased risks, delaying a first pregnancy until a girl is at least 18 years of age helps to ensure a safer pregnancy and childbirth and reduces the risk of her baby being born prematurely or underweight. “The younger the mother is, the greater the risk to her and her baby. The risk of maternal death related to pregnancy and childbirth for adolescent girls between 15 and 19 years of age accounts for about 70,000 deaths each year. For adolescents under 15 years of age these risks increase substantially. Girls who give birth before age 15 are five times more likely to die in childbirth than women in their twenties,” the report said.Meanwhile, for Roseline’s grieving family, particularly Prince, no amount of explanation, if the cause of death is finally confirmed, can shake their belief that the death of his second baby mother was unnatural. The perceived witches will receive the condemnation of the bereaved until time heals their wounds.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more



first_imgMICHAEL Black was in top form last night, winning the Scoil Mhuire Ramelton 5k last night.Find out where you came below:Ramelton ,Scoil Mhuire 5K 2013 Place Race No. Time FirstName Surname Category Club1 636 16.04 Michael Black SM Letterkenny A C2 710 17.20 Pauric Breslin SM Individual3 653 17.24 Barry Coyle SM Individual 4 648 17.28 Davy Gallagher SM Letterkenny A C5 623 17.34 Gareth Kerrigan SM Milford A C6 643 17.40 Niall Barry M40+ Letterkenny A C7 604 18.05 Paul Dillon SM 24/7 Triathlon8 672 18.14 Joe Gallagher SM Individual 9 626 18.23 Darren Price SM Individual10 631 18.25 Mark McPaul JM Individual11 737 18.32 Callum Boyce SM Individual12 77 18.33 Eoin Kelly Walker Individual 13 724 18.34 Stewart McGee SM Individual14 705 18.43 Damien McBride SM Milford A C15 670 18.44 David Gordon SM Individual16 665 19.01 Ben George SM Letterkenny A C17 658 19.04 Gerard McGettigan M50+ Milford A C18 726 19.13 Seamus Nallen SM Individual19 677 19.14 Curley Coyle SM Individual20 620 19.15 James Gibbons M50+ Milford A C21 718 19.17 P J Haganb SM Individual22 719 19.23 Garvin Patterson SM Individual23 640 19.25 Paul Shields SM Individual24 720 19.31 Adrian Herrity SM Individual25 669 19.44 Cathal Morrison SM Individual26 87 19.49 Evan Hewitt Walker Individual27 644 19.49 Irene McFadden SW Letterkenny A C28 635 20.09 Ray McGrory SM Milford A C29 638 20.11 Manus Peoples M50+ Individual11 June 2013 Page 1 of 11Place Race No. Time FirstName Surname Category Club30 639 20.19 Sinead Peoples SW Individual31 608 20.21 Gerard Dorrian M50+ Individual32 108 20.30 Patrick McFadden Walker Individual33 683 20.40 Mark McDaid SM Individual34 686 20.41 Adrian Gill M40+ Individual35 222 20.50 Ronan Boyce Walker Individual36 728 20.50 Noel Lynch M40+ Letterkenny A C37 723 20.54 Fergal O’Gara SM Individual38 93 20.56 Raymond Boyce Walker Individual39 89 20.57 Heather Mc Laughlin Walker Individual40 615 21.02 Vinnie Pyper SM Individual41 731 21.05 Aidan O’Donnell SM Individual42 624 21.05 Joseph Casey M40+ Individual43 649 21.10 Noel Kilpatrick SM Individual44 637 21.14 Kevin Doherty SM Individual45 673 21.17 Shane Keaveney SM Individual46 656 21.30 Joe Clole SM Individual47 650 21.36 Ryan McDaid SM Individual48 682 21.37 Daniel O’Donnell SM Individual49 671 21.37 Sharon Black SW Letterkenny A C50 764 21.41 Sean O’Donnell M50+ Individual51 763 21.52 Eugene McGinley M40+ Individual52 714 22.04 James Doherty M60+ Milford A C53 655 22.16 Hugh O’Donnell M50+ Individual54 703 22.20 Pat Sweeney M50+ Individual55 632 22.23 Danny McLoughlin SM Individual56 725 22.24 Philip Brown M40+ Individual57 602 22.30 Ann Marie Canning SW Individual58 254 22.34 Ewan Kemp Walker Individual59 713 22.39 Alistair Hetherington M40+ Individual60 646 22.40 Cliodhna Dunne SW Finn Valley A C11 June 2013 Page 2 of 11Place Race No. Time FirstName Surname Category Club61 114 22.41 Ryan Stewart Walker Individual62 715 22.45 Nancy McNamee W50+ Individual63 684 22.46 Liam Gordon SM Individual64 625 23.04 Pauline Sweeney SW Individual65 668 23.13 Liam McLoughlin M50+ Individual66 667 23.34 Chuck McDaid SM Individual67 609 23.43 John Pollock M50+ Individual68 674 23.53 Seamus Byrne SM Individual69 622 23.57 Declan Friel M40+ Milford A C70 652 23.58 Barry Tinney SM Individual71 727 23.59 Orla Nallen SW Individual72 765 24.13 Declan Lynch SM Individual73 601 24.14 Andrew Stewart SM Letterkenny A C74 708 24.14 Josie Lawlor W40+ Milford A C75 716 24.16 Mary Bond W50+ Individual76 685 24.18 Ricky Nufgent SM Individual77 49 24.18 Bailey Loughlin Walker Individual78 679 24.20 Caroline McAteer W40+ Individual79 666 24.21 Gerry Durning M60+ Individual80 603 24.22 Duirmuid Coyle Walker Individual81 98 24.24 Ryan Moore Walker Individual82 706 24.25 Norman Irwin M50+ Individual83 721 24.32 Martin Brannigan M40+ Individual84 680 24.33 Dessie McLaughlin M50+ Individual85 651 24.33 Ruth McCrudden W40+ Letterkenny A C86 675 24.39 Garvin Boyce SM Individual87 273 24.40 Finn Robinson Walker Individual88 147 24.41 Connor Ferguson Walker Individual89 629 24.52 Mick Herrity SM Individual90 717 24.56 Tara Hegarty SW Finn Valley A C91 702 24.56 Shauna McGeehibn SW Letterkenny A C11 June 2013 Page 3 of 11Place Race No. Time FirstName Surname Category Club92 747 24.59 Tommy Naughton SM Individual93 82 25.12 Dane Dunworth Walker Individual94 659 25.21 Dermot Friel SM Individual95 100 25.25 Julianne O’Hanlon Walker Individual96 662 25.39 Paul McCahill M40+ Individual97 663 25.39 Breda McCahill W40+ Individual98 733 25.40 Susie Tinney SW Individual99 741 25.41 Pauric McCleary Walker Individual100 630 25.42 James McErlean M40+ Individual101 617 25.43 Marie Kelly W40+ Individual102 628 25.44 Philip Dowdall SM Individual103 621 25.51 John Mailey SM Individual104 657 25.52 Stacey Hegarty SW Individual105 627 25.53 Isobel Gardiner SW Individual106 613 25.54 Laura Harte SW Individual107 607 25.56 Aodhan Dorrian SM Individual108 616 26.00 Alan Mailey SM Individual109 262 26.02 Cronin O’ Donnell Walker Individual110 676 26.11 Michael Durning SM Individual111 707 26.11 Lee Ponsonby SM Individual112 95 26.16 Rory O’ Brien Walker Individual113 612 26.17 Kerry Ann Coyle SW Individual114 110 26.23 Clive Callan Walker Individual115 232 26.27 Ross Trearty Walker Individual116 175 26.31 Bridget Moran Walker Individual117 177 26.31 Gavin Gildea Walker Individual118 611 26.35 Hilary Moore W40+ Individual119 736 26.38 Annette Sheehy SW Milford A C120 661 26.40 Jason McCahill SM Individual121 732 26.44 Eileen Morning W40+ Individual122 641 26.46 Sharon Duncan W50+ Milford A C11 June 2013 Page 4 of 11Place Race No. Time FirstName Surname Category Club123 664 26.48 Darren McNamee SM Individual124 610 26.50 Maeliosa McAteer W40+ Individual125 73 26.53 Shaun Coffey Walker Individual126 236 27.00 Jack Smeaton Walker Individual127 257 27.02 Joshua Carr Walker Individual128 278 27.04 Cormas Sheehy Walker Individual129 99 27.10 Chloe Moore Walker Individual130 99 27.10 Chloe Moore Walker Individual131 67 27.12 Sinead Mc Cahill Walker Individual132 730 27.18 Ashley Boyle SW Individual133 645 27.19 John Doherty SM Letterkenny A C134 701 27.19 Jane McGinley SW Letterkenny A C135 255 27.28 Chloe Speer Walker Individual136 256 27.30 Ellen Kemp Walker Individual137 712 27.37 Sheral Hetherington W40+ Individual138 249 27.40 Katherine Haughey Walker Individual139 729 27.41 Heather Bradley SW Individual140 660 27.42 Brigid Friel W40+ Milford A C141 43 27.49 Tina Bryant Walker Individual142 642 28.13 Phyllis McCarry W50+ Milford A C143 735 28.13 Martin McHugh M50+ Milford A C144 700 28.20 Anne Trearty SW Individual145 647 28.21 Denise Keon SW Individual146 250 28.32 Bernie Mc Cauley Walker Individual147 722 28.34 Fiona Boyle W40+ Individual148 282 28.57 Molly Pyper Walker Individual149 289 28.58 Patrick Page Walker Individual150 225 28.59 Jenna McGroarty Walker Individual151 738 29.31 Jennifer Gardiner SW Individual152 709 29.36 Darina Ferry W40+ Milford A C153 112 29.46 Lee Callan Walker Individual11 June 2013 Page 5 of 11Place Race No. Time FirstName Surname Category Club154 154 29.47 Jack Toland Walker Individual155 654 29.47 Brdiget Vilhare W50+ Milford A C156 734 29.52 Joanne Smeaton W40+ Milford A C157 122 30.20 Katherine Haughey Walker Individual158 148 30.49 Conor Smith Walker Individual159 634 30.50 Caronline McAteer SW Individual160 181 30.51 Chloe Kerr Walker Individual161 711 31.24 Declan Black M50+ Individual162 136 31.32 Aidan Connolly Walker Individual163 704 31.47 Majella Orr W40+ Individual164 161 31.55 Susan Rambsey Walker Individual165 170 31.55 Lorcan Sweeney Walker Individual166 90 31.59 Mathew Mc Laughlin Walker Individual167 606 32.31 Lisa Toland SW Individual168 268 32.33 Shane Mc Daid Walker Individual169 277 32.35 Kyle Mc Garvey Walker Individual170 681 32.42 Carmel Kavanagh SW Individual171 52 32.44 Andrea Grier Walker Individual172 53 32.44 Adam Grier Walker Individual173 129 33.02 Eoin Connolly Walker Individual174 217 33.06 Michael Murray Walker Individual175 29 33.07 Marguerite Murray Walker Individual176 174 33.30 Patrick Moran Walker Individual177 199 33.31 Kevin Mills Walker Individual178 745 33.39 Daragh Fennell Walker Individual179 742 33.40 Fiona Fennell Walker Individual180 267 33.41 Calvagh O’ Donnell Walker Individual181 766 34.02 Lorraine McGarvey SW Individual182 678 34.18 Caroline Gillespie W40+ Individual183 69 34.56 Antoin Mac Eabhann Walker Individual184 128 34.58 Bradon Connolly Walker Individual11 June 2013 Page 6 of 11Place Race No. Time FirstName Surname Category Club185 605 35.00 Martina McGroarty SW Individual186 134 35.19 Roisin McFadden Walker Individual187 14 35.53 Aileen Boyce Walker Individual188 287 35.55 Leanne Gordan Walker Individual189 288 36.38 Shaunna Gordan Walker Individual190 127 36.38 Hilary Gallagher Walker Individual191 633 36.53 Karen Dunworth SW Individual192 212 37.00 Margaret Sheridan Walker Individual193 286 37.25 Martha Robinson Walker Individual194 84 37.53 Teresa McDaid Walker Individual195 83 38.11 Brenda McDaid Walker Individual196 276 38.14 Cathie Boyle Walker Individual197 151 38.20 Carmel Black Walker Individual198 189 38.44 Amy Wilson Walker Individual199 191 38.57 Kerrie Wilson Walker Individual200 80 39.03 Martina Diver Walker Individual201 104 39.04 Lorraine McFadden Walker Individual202 146 39.05 Callum Ferguson Walker Individual203 214 39.06 Conor Mc Fadden Walker Individual204 200 39.48 Ashling Mills Walker Individual205 131 39.48 Aisling Irwin Walker Individual206 265 39.53 Kyra O’ Donnell Walker Individual207 101 39.55 Eddie MC keever Walker Individual208 226 39.58 Eamonn Kerr Walker Individual209 227 39.58 Alex Kerr Walker Individual210 252 39.59 Kate Mc Cauley Walker Individual211 145 40.04 Lisa Bryant Walker Individual212 64 40.11 Alex Michalowfka Walker Individual213 157 40.17 Eimear Connolly Walker Individual214 109 40.17 Kyeah McFadden Walker Individual215 223 40.17 Bronagh During Walker Individual11 June 2013 Page 7 of 11Place Race No. Time FirstName Surname Category Club216 33 40.23 Marty Lynch Walker Individual217 36 40.23 Thomas McCluskey Walker Individual218 219 40.23 Kevin Mc Fadden Walker Individual219 292 40.44 Susan Hanlon Walker Individual220 152 40.47 Courtney Lewis Walker Individual221 155 40.47 Sallyann Boyce Walker Individual222 62 41.00 Afric Grumley Walker Individual223 234 41.12 Jack Coyle Walker Individual224 195 41.12 Lee Patterson Walker Individual225 92 41.17 Amy Patterson Walker Individual226 56 41.20 Shereen Pyper Walker Individual227 31 41.20 Chantelle Murray Walker Individual228 121 41.20 Eleanor Haughey Walker Individual229 203 41.21 Aine Mills Walker Individual230 180 41.23 Laura Walker Walker Individual231 65 41.25 Cira Marley Walker Individual232 275 41.26 Hyra Coll Walker Individual233 194 41.28 Taylor Kane Walker Individual234 206 41.29 Eddie Diver Walker Individual235 188 41.30 Paddy Gildea Walker Individual236 193 41.48 Tina Lynch Walker Individual237 166 41.48 Enya Gallagher Walker Individual238 166 41.48 Jonnie McGroarty Walker Individual239 619 41.49 Deirdre McGabhann SW Individual240 230 41.50 Nicola Irwin Walker Individual241 70 42.08 Marie Mac Eabhann Walker Individual242 270 42.08 Grace Pyper Walker Individual243 271 42.09 Kathleen Herrity Walker Individual244 113 42.18 Ruth Ferry Walker Individual245 97 42.20 Christine Stewart Walker Individual246 133 42.21 kathleen McFadden Walker Individual11 June 2013 Page 8 of 11Place Race No. Time FirstName Surname Category Club247 165 42.24 Ciara McGrory Walker Individual248 168 42.24 Helen Shiels Walker Individual249 167 42.49 Ann Patterson Walker Individual250 196 42.50 Aine Patterson Walker Individual251 143 42.56 Jamie Magee Walker Individual252 71 43.08 Kevin Coffey Walker Individual253 78 43.12 Susie Diver Walker Individual254 79 43.15 Molly Diver Walker Individual255 197 43.16 Michelle Patterson Walker Individual256 135 43.17 Emma McFadden Walker Individual257 111 43.18 Jackie Callan Walker Individual258 35 43.35 Anne McCluskeey Walker Individual259 294 43.37 Celine Callaghan Walker Individual260 237 43.38 Lorna Mc Daid Walker Individual261 241 43.40 Molly Muir Walker Individual262 139 43.41 Lelishe McGarvey Walker Individual263 142 43.42 Ursula McGarvey Walker Individual264 210 43.43 June Love Walker Individual265 211 44.42 Jean Lockhart Walker Individual266 242 44.42 Maura Muir Walker Individual267 186 44.44 Anthony Mc Fadden Walker Individual268 173 44.44 Maureen Doherty Walker Individual269 172 44.46 Peter Doherty Walker Individual270 280 44.47 Owen Sheehy Walker Individual271 66 45.07 Teresa Mc Cahill Walker Individual272 88 45.08 John Diver Walker Individual273 116 45.10 Ally O’ Toole Walker Individual274 115 45.31 Cormac O’ Toole Walker Individual275 295 45.32 Aoife Callaghan Walker Individual276 293 45.33 Mary Callaghan Walker Individual277 118 45.38 Kevin Haughey Walker Individual11 June 2013 Page 9 of 11Place Race No. Time FirstName Surname Category Club278 76 45.53 Sara McGee Walker Individual279 153 45.53 Mark Friel Walker Individual280 231 45.55 Charlene Doherty Walker Individual281 205 46.01 Mary English Walker Individual282 204 46.01 Siobhan Mc Laughlin Walker Individual283 50 46.14 Emma McBride Walker Individual284 51 46.14 Catherine Grier Walker Individual285 229 46.46 Rory Pyper Walker Individual286 228 46.46 Amber Amber Walker Individual287 75 46.47 Chris mcGee Walker Individual288 149 46.50 Maureen O’ Connor Walker Individual289 72 46.51 Veronica Coffey Walker Individual290 124 46.55 Kathleen Toland Walker Individual291 107 46.55 Marie Sweeney Walker Individual292 150 47.40 Patricia Black Walker Individual293 140 47.40 Amanda McGarvey Walker Individual294 22 47.42 Miriam Duffy Walker Individual295 158 48.26 Stephen Connolly Walker Individual296 141 48.35 Noah McGarvey Walker Individual297 248 48.36 Claire Durning Walker Individual298 30 49.04 Owen Murray Walker Individual299 25 49.09 Torin Laszcsciw Walker Individual300 178 49.13 Thomas Boyle Walker Individual301 85 49.22 Rebecca Friel Walker Individual302 86 49.22 Orla Boyle Walker Individual303 198 49.29 Gerard Gildea Walker Individual304 130 49.30 Eileen Boyce Walker Individual305 190 49.31 Norma Wilson Walker Individual306 32 49.32 Angela Murray Walker Individual307 284 49.36 Erin Pyper Walker Individual308 246 49.40 Katie Duffy Walker Individual11 June 2013 Page 10 of 11Place Race No. Time FirstName Surname Category Club309 68 49.40 Scralet Mac Eabhann Walker Individual310 26 49.45 Yanna Laszcsciw Walker Individual311 144 49.46 Charmaine Magee Walker Individual312 21 49.46 Liam Duffy Walker Individual313 207 49.47 Sarah Mc Fadden Walker Individual314 102 49.48 Anna McFadden Walker Individual315 215 49.49 Michael Mc Fadden Walker Individual316 253 49.50 Lynn Ramsbey Walker Individual317 264 49.52 Niamh O’ Donnell Walker Individual318 239 49.53 Jordan McDaid Walker Individual319 171 50.01 James Sweeney Walker Individual320 238 50.02 Dillon McDaid Walker Individual321 103 50.03 Beth McFadden Walker Individual322 240 50.04 Peter McDaid Walker Individual323 159 50.05 Rebecca Gallagher Walker Individual324 244 50.06 Marie Duffy Walker Individual325 245 50.07 Jacqui Duffy Walker Individual326 163 50.08 Tara Sweeney Walker Individual327 201 50.10 Noreen Mills Walker IndividualTotal Runners: 32711 June 2013 Page 11 of 11ATHLETICS: ALL THE RESULTS FROM THE RAMELTON SCOIL MHUIRE 5K was last modified: June 12th, 2013 by BrendaShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:ATHLETICS: ALL THE RESULTS FROM THE RAMELTON SCOIL MHUIRE 5Klast_img read more



first_imgA Donegal-based shark expert has said there is no reason why a Great White shark headed for Irish waters will not arrive here in the coming days.A great white shark.The man-eater, understood to be a little more than 1,000kms off the coast of Ireland, is on course to arrive off our coast in the coming days.The general consensus is that the monster 970kg shark, named Lydia by scientists tracking her across the Atlantic Ocean, will change course away from our coastline. The great white has been averaging just over 100kms a day in its journey across the Atlantic Ocean.But shark expert Emmett Johnston said there is no biological reason why the shark will not come into Irish waters.“A lot of people think that Irish waters are too cold or there will not be enough food for a great white to survive on but that is simply not the case.“In fact, there is no biological reason why a great white shark could not make its way into Irish waters. “There is plenty for it to feed on including fish and seals and other mammals.“And the idea that our waters are too cold for the species is not the case. They survive in colder waters off South Africa so that is not a reason,” he said.Emmett, who oversees the Irish Basking Shark project, is a wildlife ranger with the Irish Parks and Wildlife Service.He has led groundbreaking studies into shark behaviour off the coast of Donegal for the past decade.His team have used satellite tags to track the huge basking sharks of the coast of Cape Verde. But while he claims there is no biological reason for the great whites not to arrive in Irish waters, it has just never happened.“There has been numerous studies and expeditions done on the existence of great whites off both Ireland and Britain and no conclusive evidence has been found to suggest they are here.“So while there is no evidence they have been here, there is no biological reason why it could not come into Irish waters. It has just never happened,” he said.However Emmett described the discovery of a porbeagle shark off the coast of Kerry last weekend as being a ‘leprechaun version’ of the great white. Great whites are frequently found in coastlines along Australia, South Africa and North America but have more recently been discovered in cooler waters off Canada and Alaska.DONEGAL SHARK EXPERT SAYS NO ‘BIOLOGICAL REASON’ WHY GREAT WHITE WILL NOT ARRIVE HERE was last modified: March 11th, 2014 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:donegalEmmett Johnstongreat white sharklast_img read more


Comet Conundrums Resist Bluffing

first_imgScientists may claim they are learning about the origin of the solar system, but the fine print shows them scratching their heads.  This is apparent in a couple of discoveries about comets this week.    One Science Daily article is entitled, “Comets Throw Light On Solar System’s Beginnings.”  Scientists at the UK’s national synchrotron lab in Oxfordshire had a chance to examine particles from Comet Wild-2 returned from the Stardust spacecraft.  The unsuspecting reader would expect to see confirmation of a theory revealed in the body of the article, but the opposite is found:Dr John Bridges, from the Space Research Centre, explains the results, ‘Comets are starting to look a lot more complicated than the old dusty iceball idea.  For one thing Wild-2 contains material, like chromium oxides, from the hot inner Solar System – so how did that material get mixed in with a comet which has spent most of its life beyond Neptune?  It suggests that there has been major mixing of material from inner and outer parts of the Solar System in its earliest stages.X-ray signatures of iron oxides in the particles also suggested to the scientists that “there could have been small trickles of water that deposited these minerals.”  The scientists suggested that impacts melting the ice on the comet might have produced these signatures, but no explanation was given how the comet got its mixture of cold and hot ingredients from vastly different parts of the solar system.  If light is being thrown on the solar system’s beginnings, it hasn’t been reflected back yet.    Another Science Daily article trumpets, “Astronomers Discover Missing Link For Origin Of Comets.”  What U of British Columbia scientist Brett Gladman found was a highly inclined object orbiting the sun at 35 AU with high eccentricity.  Its inclination (104°) is beyond perpendicular to the plane of the planets, so its orbit is classified as retrograde.  Gladman and his team tied this object in with theories about objects that formed in the theoretical Oort cloud as opposed to those that formed in the plane of the solar system.  “This discovery may finally show how they transition from the Oort Cloud to become objects like Halley’s Comet,” he said.  The article ended with his team trying to nail down the orbit to higher degrees of precision.  It is not clear how such measurements lead to the ending sentence: “They will then begin unravelling the archaeological information trapped in the orbit of this highly exceptional member of the trans-Neptunian population.”Good grief, you can’t do archaeology on orbits.  What are they looking for, a clay tablet?  Pottery?  Archaeology is a science of intelligent design.  These people want to steal ID concepts for secular, materialistic theories impossible to confirm by observation.  It seems that evolutionary bravado has infected all branches of science these days.  The people of fluff like to swagger and bluff, but connecting lab stuff to historical huff is tough – and as science, we rebuff, is not good enough.  The observations without the stuffing will suffice.(Visited 6 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more


Pinzhi®Beautiful Korean Chiffon Rose Bow Hair Claw Clip Gorgeous Hair Accessory New : fantastic quality quite sophisticated appearance good grip on fine hair

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